How To Make A Hash Joint: 80% Concentrate, 20% Flower

This method works with almost any type of concentrate: Bubble hash, live resin, shatter, crumble, cake batter and even distillate. I recommend if you are using a …


  1. Nice vid man I would have rolled itt just like a normal j but off course it is a lot harder. You because you can’t squeeze it and your need to mix it with tobacco. It’s a lot off hash in my country because it is a lot easier to smuggle most people that make dus that in Albania I think. But the ting is that some times the people that makes it uses just the leafs from the plant and than they mix in heroine or other strong drugs so that they spare money this is a big problem in the western country’s because children are fucking up there life’s by selling this on the streets it is very normal even though it’s illegal. Some tests have shows that around 60/70% present off teenagers from the age off 9 to 19 have smoked this and that’s not particularly smart you should wait until you are at least 21 but the real bad thing is that some off the hash that is getting smuggled into the country’s have other stinger and more addictive drugs in them. But I still support the legislation off cannabis in my country because I think that it would have stopped teenagers from selling it on the streets and also make the chance off people getting dangerous addictions and it would also put a lot of sealers or (TRAPPERS) out off business. So that they would be forced to make money other ways. Btw am a 15 year old Norwegian boy living on the east side so I have experience in this team.

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