How to grow weed in tiny stealth grow box – Episode 4 – Prototype reveal!

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  1. Hey guys, I learned a lot fo things from your channel, very creative and love how you explain what you're doing very clearly. However, I don't see any follow up videos though :/ like it would be dope to see a series where you start a plant from seed to harvest. And show all the problems you face in each step. Otherwise it think you're da best in the stealth grow category!!!

  2. le tapis de souris "la chouffe" mdrrr, vous faites un vรฉritable travail sur vos plantes, ces recherches sont gรฉniales ! super boulot continuez comme ca ๐Ÿ™‚ subscribe + like

  3. Hello gentleman. This is my first time growing. I'm still 5-6 weeks away from starting my seeds inside. I'm growing 2 deferent plants outside in my raised bed vegetable garden. AK-47 & Kush-XL auto flowering. In with my Tomato plants. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  4. Hey SGL, is it possible to train and grow your plant almost entirely horizontaly by adjusting/ moving the LEDs? For example in a small IKEA-bed, which has around 30-40 cm of vertical space, but 90x200cm horizontal space ij the drawers below the mattress.

    Would love to hear your thoughts opinion on the matter.

    I commented this before but once again: Great videos!

  5. II need some help I'm on week 6 get ready to switch my lights had to Repot them because They were root bound And now I have like the tips of the leaves looks like Something ate them and there's little holes but I don't see any bugs or anything what could I be doing wrong they look really healthy besides that

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