How to Get Sugar Out of Your Diet for Good | Interview with Dr. Nicole Avena

Dr. Nicole Avena is a research neuroscientist and expert in the fields of nutrition, diet and addiction, with a special focus on nutrition during early life and …


  1. I really wish I could have caught this live. I'd like to expand on the question of sugar and alcohol addictions. I'm wondering if there is a biological correlation between sugar, alcohol addiction and Type I and II diabetes. All of these run in my family going back for generations.

  2. Inspiring thank u . After 1 yr I finally given up M&M addiction. Cant believe that I even ate those things. Never even liked the sugar substitutes thank goodness. I dont thing they r good for you.

  3. Great information and spot-on accuracy regarding addictions. I do have a bone of contention, every time I watch a "nutrition" video, the poster/guest knock-on fruit. Good grief, I live primarily on fruit, and secondarily on tofu and vegetables without any issues (have done so for forty years). It is quite frustrating to disseminate information that fruit is "bad". Fruit is a natural food source with excellent nutritional value. It is entirely misleading information for those who are eating a whole-food/plant-based diet.

  4. "How to Get Sugar Out of Your Diet for Good" —- I sat through the whole interview waiting for the tips on how to give up sugar. At the end there were 1 or 2 sentences – taper the consumption – and buy my book, it's in there…. :-/
    Very disappointing for a type 1 diabetic who needs to use sugars to quickly elevate blood sugar lows and thus cannot completely abstain. Nor can I go to True North since they don't accept Type 1s….. I easily quit cigarettes and alcohol, and all animal products – but sugar remains an annoying challenge.

  5. I really enjoyed video so I went and looked her up on YouTube. I saw she promotes something called monk fruit… I wish you would have asked her about that. I know you asked her about artificial sweeteners but it seems that she is promoting monk fruit and I'm just curious if it aligns to what she was saying here. Thanks again.

  6. Is it ok low salt diet ? Mc dougal says that people who consumes low salt is the one who have more chance to have heart D.

    At the moment im on WPBD no oil my sugar maybe coming from foods or vegetables.

  7. 14:20 – Amen, Chef AJ! I never understood WHY parents even START giving babies sweets! It’s like they WANT them to get addicted at an early age! Then wonder why they have to struggle to get their kid to eat HEALTHY food! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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