How to dense up cannabis buds. Canna-vlog 013

This week we look at how to dense up cannabis buds. Super cropping for canopy management, dealing with high ppms, where to buy cannabis seeds and the …


  1. Hey my friend. Would love for you to drop a hello on your old channel here on UTube. Your content is still getting hit even after a couple of years. I hope life has treated you kindly

  2. hey guys I'm new to Michigan moved here via way of Minnesota my wife from South Dakota we came out here with dreams and just moving out to Nashville from here kind of doing country singer and then we fell in love with cannabis as I come from my farming background and legacy go ahead and jump on my channel I respectfully give respect to all growers who kind of shed light for free on people to help them become better and I believe I'm kind of stepping in the game on the top shelf I'm not even alive so if you guys can come on jump onto my channel subscribe all share some of my tips with you guys as well

  3. If plants are praying 🙏 is this a good sign! I’m getting mixed answers from google and forums! Only wanna hear from grateful grower so I can get a solid opinion! Thanks

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