1. Fun Tip: If you really really want to quit smoking pot, you gotta stay away from the people who smoke pot. Dont answer to their calls or texts, it actually works. Been smoking pot for 12 years, and decided to quit due to covid and now im 4 months clean, feels really amazing. weed makes u dumb , stay woke guys, its not fun anymore after years of smoking.

  2. 21 days to form a habit, 90 days to form a lifestyle. July 1st will be 90 days, which I've never made before since I started smoking. I've been smoking for a long, long, time – 33 years to be exact. Most people would bet against me being successful because of this, but this time I will be. Last year at this time, I almost made it. I had like 2 weeks to go to make 90 days, and I started drinking again first before I started smoking weed again, and one thing just kind of led to the other because I felt so defeated. My goal now, quite simply, is to die sober. I don't want to battle the demon of addiction in yet another lifetime. But, man …. am I depressed today. I even had to cancel my two morning classes today because I felt paralyzed. I think getting sober in this COVID world might be just a touch more challenging than it was before. The strength is in me though. Part of it this time is not expecting or even wanting to feel good all the time. I've spent my whole life pursuing the pleasure principle, and such pursuit led to the disease of more and never enough. Thanks for your video and your work. I feel incredibly alone right now. These videos help to curb that a bit.

  3. 2 weeks out after 20 yrs
    I feel like crap.
    Exhausted but can get only erratic sleep
    Weed left behind such a large empty space that i dont feel like filling up with anything.

    I dont feel like smoking at all.
    I just feel like shit and have no power no will do to anything.

    Weed emptyed my life feom so many things.

    My life is just a mess even without it cause weed rook me out from my own existence.

    And that aint coming back in 90 days.

    Weed fucked up my life

  4. Quit cold 3 years ago after 35 years. I had been diagnosed with ptsd and was going through the worst period of my entire life. Quit anti depressants at the same time after 20 years. I would not recommend anybody do this, it was hell on earth. I took it one hour at a time l, then one day at a time … took nearly two years but I did turn it around. The happy moments I have now are real, authentic and so are the sad ones … you need to show up in life for real and addictions stop you doing that.

  5. 4 month sober i feel good done whit that fucking crap smoke for 10yrs one thing i no IS THE STRESS IS THE FERTILISATION OF CREATIVITY I AM HIGHT ON LIFE NOW…

  6. Im deciding to quit because I keep having seizures in my sleep and going status epilepticus ( getting stuck in a seizure) and ending up going to hospital by ambulance. Ive almost died from seizures 20+ times. Its time to quit marijuana so that my anti epileptic drugs can do their job….

  7. day 52 i’m doing well it’s just my appetite. i only feel hungry for one meal then i’m usually fine. i run for 30 mins then i get a lil bit of hungry. it’s hard to tell.

  8. How much time does it take to that fuckin fogginess to get off my head ????? I feel like nothing is changing although ive been 40 days sober ??????? Please i need answers

  9. I’m just starting on my sobriety journey and I just want to say thank you. Very supportive of anyone’s decision to quit. I started to believe the being in my head all the time, anxiety, and not being comfortable in my own skin was really me. Bomb finally dropped when I realized the very thing I was using as “medicine” for mental health and dealing with losing my mom actually magnified the issues 7 fold. I know she would want me to be happy and healthy and strong to not escape my problems. Wish me luck man feel like the most f$&@ed up wreck of a human but we’ll see who I truly am in 90 days 💗

  10. You don’t got as many followers as you should man. Weed has pretty much just slowly wrecked the social aspects of my life, along with cannabinoid hyperemesis which is also slowly destroying me. It’s not for everybody sadly, no matter how much you love marijuana. This shit right here has, by far given me the most motivation 2 quit. Appreciate this video way more than you’d understand bro.

  11. smoked between 1-2 grams of strong skunk almost every day morning to night for 20 years. quit for 2 weeks now for the first time ever, actually feel pretty much the same as when I was high just more energy, starting to feel anxious now though like confused about reality itself its not nice hope this feeling goes soon, its not a struggle I dont want to smoke it again but its weird feeling

  12. Riding my bike helps me sooooooo much. i live in seattle and it drizles alot lol but i still hop on the bike in my raincoat and get to the business. i ride to do simple stuff like pick up my books fromthe library, grab some hot cider or a slice of pizza. most times i dont even wanna ride at first but i still go before i overthink it. by the time i get riding good,i am soooooo super happy i made it out for the ride.i dont even think about smoking. this is why this guy is talking about. im 45 days sober, not 30. and my new routine helps, i dont even think about smoking. you can do it guys!!!!! get moving. get outside and get moving. dance in the park when no one is looking. walk around the block a few times. walk up some stairs and pretned youre rocky! just get moving!

  13. This is like therapy to me. somtimes i play the video and just read the comments for encouragement. Iquit cold turkey 30 days ago in a weed legal state so everybody smokes here but im finding it really easy to stay sober because I have a strong why. as a female, weed make me ugly lol not kidding. when i stopped smoking my skin cleared up, my teeth look sparkingly white, and i put more energy into caring for myself in general like doing my hair. Idont think weed was bad for my skin perse but that i take better care of myself overall… weed had me in a fog where i just did enough to get some pot, not caring what i looked like lol also,i think smoke causes wrinkles and ages us faster. as a female, kicking the pot has worked wonders on my feminity. just saying. i feel all pretty inside and out. i know it sounds vain but every time i think about hitting the blunt or bowl, i remember how pretty i am now LOL

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