How long do cannabis seeds take to sprout

I planted some seeds in presoaked miracle grow and the seeds took 6 days to sprout. In ideal conditions they should pop out the ground in 5 to 7 or even longer …


  1. Your not made to grow weed, your too damn desperate & keep messing with them.. If your gonna grow seeds from the day you put it in dirt, wait a week or even two week's till you start checking up ok them… If you take them out the dirt ur gonna get air in the seeds & dry them, & that seed you said was not gonna work still would have work if you hadn't mess with it so much..

  2. People seem to forget that cannabis is a very hardy and versatile plant. There is no one way to grow it.

    It's also a good reminder that some of the best bud in the world comes out of Brazil, of which many growers are all natural. Let mother nature do what she does and you just might find you wasted your hard earned cash on fancy equipment that was never needed to begin with.

  3. I made the same mistake as you, but funny enough, the first seed I planted came out super strong. The second one I dug up gently and saw that it's root was curling into itself and not coming out cleanly, so I'm hoping I can rescue her over the next few days. Have the cotyledons slighly exposed and the root underground.

    But exactly as you said, the one I gave less attention to seems to be doing best. To any novices out there, seeds and seedlings need FAR less moisture than you think they do.

  4. Hi im new to this but ty for making it simple . Im in australia so certain things wont make sense with certain name brands etc but i want to grow outside . It looks like a lot of people have indoor grow areas which isnt easy for me so im having problems getting my seeds to live after they pop open and sprout. Any more tips for successfully getting a plant to grow is great ! Thanks

  5. Your soil has too many rocks and sticks in it for the sprout to come out easily. If you buy the expensive all purpose in the 2 kilo bags its real soft and has none of the bark or stones in it

  6. Hey grow4show I got miracle gro all purpose soil how long did it take for the seed to sprout out I'm growing them inside will it effect it or as long it has light nd I keep watering it will be okay???? Hit me back up

  7. My very first time growing this week and I literally messed up the same way you did watering it right after planting the seeds. I'm growing indoors. My question to you is, whats the longest I should wait until I figure my seeds will sprout or not?

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