(WATCH IN HD) Hey loves! The month of September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month so today I wanted to do a Q & A all about ovarian cancer. I talk about …


  1. You are so brave and amazing Cheyann!!! My mother has severe sciatica and fatigue, and she refuses to go to the doctor because she claims she’s fine, but every time she goes into a certain position she screams in pain and it goes away, I read up that it might be an ovarian cyst or cancer, what should I do? I am really concerned

  2. I always tell everyone cancer doesn't discriminate. Your story about being brushed off by your medical professionals is shocking but not uncommon which is very sad. You're very positive and I can totally relate to a lot if the things you mentioned. I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself at the age of 28. This year I reached my 5th year mark. I however tested positive for brca2 gene hence my cancer is genetic related. I'm on the other hormone pill called tamoxifen and zoladex implant injection. Both sucks but I'm grateful to be alive. All the best to you

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  4. Doctors need to do better than this! Ik er staff has to be careful of opioid addicts trying to get drugs but, there are ppl that are completely legit! Do everything to save them that is their job

  5. I have a friend whose wife was diagnosed in 2006 with late stage lung cancer as well as a malignant brain tumor. She was a late 60 something smoker. She was diagnosed as terminal. She is still here and cancer free 14 years later. Going to her 6 month checkups with her Oncologist she is told that she can't be told "what's next" because there is no data on people surviving that kind of diagnosis for that long.

  6. If the tumor was the size of a beach ball eventually, why can’t you see that super obviously? Like why wouldn’t someone w that like not look pregnant or something? That’s crazy!!

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  9. So all those CT scans they took never showed everything? With as big as it was i would think they should of noticed something if they even know what they're looking at wich i wonder if some really do. So sorry you had to go through all of this. God knows I've been through my fair share of crappy dismissive doctors and now have permanent damage to my intestines and female reproductive organs. Like you said, you have to be demanding and at times abrasive. Best wishes to you!

  10. My mother died from Ovarian cancer. She had early satiety, an enlarged waistline, and the feeling of being bloated. Those were her only symptoms. However her Ob/Gyn Dr. was on the ball because when she told them about those symptoms he immediately sent her for an MRI and CT and drew a CA125. All of which showed that she had Ovarian cancer. He got her an appointment immediately with a Dr. at UAB Hospital that a lot of people from all over the country come to for that particualr cancer. He only treats Ovarian cancer, and has a very good reputation. My mother had never smoked, walked for exercise about 5 days a week, and generally saw her Dr. when she needed to etc. Her only real risk factor other than the things you can do anything about, was that she had been on HRT for a very long time. She tried to stop, but she was still working and said ¨Ï just can meet with a customer and break out into a sweat and have my face turn beet-red, etc…¨. So she went back on the hormones. She had an up and down curse during her illness and finally died after having an Ovarian tumor in the brain.

  11. OMG = You just saved my life – I have been to the ER twice in the past week and a half. This time today for three weeks of constipation despite every laxative known to man. They did a CT scan and said no obstruction and wanted me to leave. I have every single symptom of ovarian cancer and every risk factor. Nobody will address my symptoms or my pain!

  12. Ovarian Cancer 4c almost 12 years later but it did reoccur 5 times I was told I wasn’t going to make it after my first diagnosis did five different chemos multiple surgeries so never give up!!! It pisses me off now they want to do a Pap smear every 3 years now! I make my girls go every year for there CA125. I had every symptom just never thought cancer no one had it in my family nor breast cancer! Tired is the strongest sign of any cancer when in doubt your always right!!! My stupid GP couldn’t even tell me she just sent me to surgeon who told me no one told me to bring anybody I was so shocked! Had so much cancer they can only do a four hour surgery take the ovaries then booked me in for a 9 1/2 surgery I didn’t know what the hell hit me! I was 46 & now I am 58 yes it’s been a tough 12 years! Plus my GP bumped 3 physicals a year later! I always wondered how it would have changed my diagnosis!!! Still mad after all these years!!! I did the brac test but didn’t run in my family! I had all the symptoms you talk about! No one told me either it would come back and back it came! You have to live one day at a time and cherish everybody & everything around you! I wish you nothing but the best in your future, stay positive!!! Be your own advocate push for what ever tests you want🤗💝💪🏼stay strong!!!

  13. I had a transvaginal scan today that picked up a really big cyst on my ovary , I have had alot of symptoms with peeing alot, having tummy pains , cramps all the time , bleeding all the time , painful sex when we could. My tummy bloating all the time I went to my doctors loads and finally had my scan , what should I do next im worried could it be cancerous? Are they gonna do all the checks to see its 6.2cm im just worried can you give me some advice please x

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  15. So you mentioned that you had several CT scans done, how did that tumor not get noticed. I bet if you look back at your previous scans before your diagnosis, you will see something there. Its hard to believe that it was missed so many times on previous scans.

  16. Wow, I am 17 and I only recently got diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I have been looking for some good videos to watch and to inspire me, and I came across your video. My doctor dismissed my symptoms because I have PCOS and endometriosis and they all believed that it was just cysts however I knew in my heart that something was up and I have a history in my family with breast and ovarian cancer so I knew something was wrong.

  17. I have had ovarian pain for a while and it’s gotten way worse to the point where I can’t exercise or lie down comfortably (I am FtM if you are wondering about my name). I also have bloating and very heavy periods. I am going in for an exam soon and I’m extremely nervous and I hope that it’s cysts but this gives me some hope even if it turns out to be serious. I’m only 20.

  18. I am 15 and this is all happening to me I go for a pelvic ultrasound Friday I haven’t had my period for 6 months and I have had continuous UTI and yeast infections

  19. Hi! I was just diagnosed with low grade serous carcinoma. I’m so thankful I found your YouTube channel. I will be watch all of your videos as I’m trying to learn as much as I can ❤️

  20. This is similar to my friend; she had a continually runny nose. Doc dismissed it as hayfever, then sinusitis. Frustrated, she went and sought another doctor's opinion, and she was sent for tests. Then it showed up as a polyp, so they waited to operate as it was Covid putting restrictions on who could be operated on. When she finally got operated they realised this was no polyp, so did a biopsy and it ended up being cancer. So while this is another type of cancer, the moral of the story is the same; go for a second opinion if your issue is not being resolved and the symptoms persist, it could save your life. My friend was lucky that her cancer was caught early. Had her nasal cancer spread beyond the surrounding bone, it could have reached her eye and she'd have to remove that.

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