1. Takitaki could come out of nowhere and be great this year. He was hurt for a long time last year with a leg muscle. That's why he only started to see the field as a defender towards the end of the year and he probably wasn't full speed even then. Go back and watch the dude play at BYU. He's got HUGE potential.

  2. EW is a good sports reporter and I enjoy his analysis. Agree that the emphasis this off season is strengthening the OL and developing TE room. The defense is still relatively weak and will be worked on in the future

  3. We just need to find a way to play together and play well with a great game plan. Good teams prevail even with weak spots, us browns fans need to chill the hell out, im anxious for this season too and i hope we have a winning season for once. But this demand that an Olympic dream team is ridiculous, it is financially impossible to have pro bowlers at every single position. Have a good game plan, manage the clock, and if they help on D and pick each other up and keep fighting we will have a good chance every game.

  4. if they can run the hell out of the ball the D is off the field . if there fresh late in the game with a big lead . the D is fine . it is up to the coach to set up the game plan to get the wins , teams go deep in the playoffs got great D . on paper browns don't have a good D .browns should be near 500 % again , but if the coach is great they can be better

  5. Mack Wilson did well enough to be given the right to be a starter. Shobert was good. Kirksey was too old and beat up. I believe the secondary and the front line will be the defense but in all reality, I think the offense is designed to pressure the other teams offense. Chargers of the 80's?

  6. I don’t think they “priced themselves out of the market”, the market was thin for LBs and they didn’t want to over pay for mediocre talent like we’ve done so often. I respect Schoebert but $50 million? No.
    That said, we are hopefully not done in LB acquisitions and desperately need a couple more talented players.
    Sean Lee trade?
    Our LB ranking has to be near the bottom if not the worst…

  7. Mack Wilson is the Sam not the Mike. Goodson is the Mike not the Will, and Sione Takitaki has not seen the field enough to be anything, and if we're pencilling him in that depth chart as first team anything, we're in deep doo-doo. We have two linebackers, neither of whom have distinguished themselves at all. Everyone else in the room is a complete fringe player. This will be 2020s offensive tackle issue if they don't fix it right away.

    Remember Ray Farmer telling everyone that the Browns don't need "No Stinkin' Wide Receivers!" This looks exactly like that IMHO.

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