HOUSEPLANT UNBOXING 🌿 Goth Plant Haul from Steve’s Leaves

Hello My sweet plant friends, today we have a house plant and boxing from Steve’s leaves, one of my favorite nurseries to shop online from. You can find them …


  1. I love my spring tails! They are great in the terrarium and once they have established in one you can easily move some over to another. I also added some isopods I caught in my garden.

  2. Black plants!!! You have to go to a nursery and find the BLACK PETUNIAS and the BLACK WITH A GOLD STRIPE IN THE CENTER OF THE PEDALS. They are like black velvet. I just grabbed them and into my basket. Also new was a purple splash, white with deep purple that one too. If you have outside Plants, a must have. I ordered from Steve's leaves this year too. Nice Plants

  3. Could somebody please help the lady in the picture in the background, she looks like she fell down, tried to get up rolled around a little bit, got flowers all over her and she's naked somebody please help her, please. (LOL) actually the video was quite funny, and the picture looks quite expensive.( the gothic theme reminded me of the Munsters and Lily all that was missing was thing and the monster under the stairs! ) LOL!

  4. New subbie here, so glad I found you! You're so funny! And I loooove the painting behind you 😍 I feel like I follow that artist on instagram but not sure 😅
    I'm gonna go binge on your vids meow, bye 🖤

  5. Great video ! 🌿😊🌿 You got a new sub 😀 Greetings from Denmark 🌿🇩🇰🌿 I also have a channel full of plants, the videos are kind of bad, but hopefully they will get better 😅🌿😅 And sorry my bad english 😅🌿😅 But anyways, awesome video ! 🌿🤩🌿

  6. Great unboxing! Love both begonias, lovely colours too! Yes the shipping is amazing since the begonias arevery fragile plant to ship! Thanks for sharing and enjoy growing them. Looking forward to see how you are using the spring tails.

  7. I love LOVE goth plants!!! I have a goth plant terrarium. Both of those begonias are on my wishlist, but I have trouble not killing begonias! I love springtails! They're a lifesaver when it comes to terrariums. I feed mine dry grains of brown rice & they thrive & now I have several colonies from just the one I ordered!

  8. Hi Pam!
    Those plants are so pretty!
    You really don't need to justify why you buy plants.. you want 'em, you get 'em 😉
    It's your money, do what you want with it!
    I sent that package out to you, 4-20 was the estimated delivery date.. cool huh? 😉
    Was just wondering if you received it yet…
    Hope you're having an awesome day! 🙂

  9. Going to try Steve’s leaves after I watch the entire video,🤣😁, thanks a bunch, I always trust your judgement, coming for Washington state, stay safe and healthy,👍😎🙏

  10. I love Steve’s leaves 🥰💚🌿
    My mom is a shade darker from an albino! No really I’m serious! Irish & Danish & is basically allergic to the sun on top of that.
    I have springtails too! I also have isopods & just put together my BiOrb & added zebra isopods & I’m waiting on the bio dude ( ) for some items before I add my springtails he has monkey pods that you can add water to for the springtails (just make sure there’s a very moist area for them)

  11. I got a Hallow's Eve from Steve's Leaves a few months ago and I love it! It's growing really quickly in filtered sun! The Brad's Halloween is pretty awesome too!

  12. Great video! We’re our own biggest critics but seriously, I NEVER would’ve thought anything about your skin tone if you hadn’t commented on it multiple times 🙂

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