1. Smoking weed is fun, cough cough cough. Why the hell are you torturing yourself regularly? Do you never tire of hacking your guts out for pretty much nothing? You probably inhaled a bunch of water droplets from that bong. That's how you get bong lung. This is your life? Really? Very productive. Watch this video. How did you get to this? Where's your family?

  2. ever heard of the rolling stones album……tattoo you? i still have the original 33 1/3 vinyl disc as they were called!
    and…….ain't makin' this up, that stones album is, as i type this, behind me perched high up on top of my entertainment center and has been sitting up there for about 2 months, and later today i will play it on a record player which were called "turn tables", ha, old fart lingo.
    great video, enjoyed it and love your cat and have 4 myself…….! and u r 2 funny……"sometimes you have to be an asshole", ha ha, so true and i swear i think, i could be wrong, but i think i heard clint eastwood say that in a movie………peace and pot and potcorn!!!!!!!

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