1. With autos ,keep the light on 24hrs a day , the reason there in flower mode at that young age is cos you have prob gave them 12 hrs of light on and 12hrs dark they need no less then 20hrs a day of light , iv had my autos on 24hrs of led light from seed and 2nhalf months in and there almost done .plus the light you have is not going to grow it to its fullest maybe 30-40per cent , you wana get a mars hydro light …
    Good luck for next time tho you'll get the hang of it so don't stress ok and keep growing 👍👍👍 1❤

  2. It may be the light schedule. Veg should be 18 hours on and 6 hours off until you want to flip to flower. Then it will be 12 hours on and 12 hours off. I wouldn’t kill them flower them and still use it.

  3. Not trying to be mean but they had no chance you put bloom fertilizer 2-8-4 that sends plants into flowering bloom … So since the very beginning they been fed forced to flower thats why they flowerd that fast… Its false that they are auto flower if you would of not fed them bloom fertilizer until you were ready to bloom then they would of grown until you wanted them to…..

  4. Try looking into the ILoveGrowingMarijuana site and that can give you a ton of tips and tricks to help you out. Also there is a ton of cheap books to read through to give you more info on how to grow cannabis. Hey keep growing don't get discouraged about what other people say about what you are doing because when you are starting out patience and trial and error is what needs to happen so that you know what you are doing so that you can make it better with every grow! Love your videos by the way!! <3 🙂

  5. I've done some research but never grown a plant before, I'm actually starting to grow my first one atm, I think what happened was you probably gave it a long light cycle plus how close the light was probably did it too

  6. I hear music helps them grow. I do have a question that might be silly but again I’m not a green thumb.. why do some plants require pots with holes at the bottom and some do not?

  7. I am happy that you are starting to grow because I’m starting to grow to one thing I will say that I know the plans do not like is to be like shocking or move very carelessly like not saying that you’re careless but when you touch them and they shake a lot and they fall over and all that they could put the plant in shock so yeah but I think you’re doing a great job and I say keep up the great work

  8. Super dope channel. Im 90% sure yur plants only flowered early because yu didn’t have a timer and if the plants are not getting enough time in the light to gather energy, it will start to produce fruit (buds) to store the little energy it is receiving. Definitely gonna sub‼️

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