GREAT LAWN in minutes – 5 SECRETS Revealed #stayHome #withme

My Best Secrets to a GREAT LAWN! Best lawn tips for 2020 to make your ugly lawn look great with the least amount of work possible. I hope you enjoy this video …


  1. Hi Sir, what month i should to use Tenacity weed control to my lawn, i bought all items you list for weed control. But i do not what month i should use and I am living in Lawrenceville , GA. Thank you so much

  2. Great video, I came across a product on AMAZON by GS PLANT FOODS called ROOT RUCKUS and it seems they have conveniently mix all the ingredients you mention into a gallon.

  3. Thank you Silver Cymbal, I love how easy to follow and concise your videos are! I’ve ordered the Humic Acid through your link but wanted to ask you. Do I have to water it in right after, or time it so that I do it on a rainy day?

  4. Good evening, first thank you for all your expertise and experience that you share. I have a lawn that is full of weed, i would like to know how many days should i wait before aerating and a plating new seeds after applying tenacity. Thank you very much

  5. Quick Quest – Im in the middle of Killing all weeds (Tenacity, Surfactant, Dye etc) and my lawn is uneven – Im leveling the lawn next with Topsoil(no sand) – Do I at the same time – Apply My Perennial Rye Grass Blend – or wait and Level and Water lawn first – then apply my Perennial Rye Grass?

  6. Do you know of any places in Canada (in Quebec, more precisely) that I can get things like humic acid and sea kelp? It almost feels like we're unable to get the same products a lot of the time up here, so I was wondering if you, or anyone seeing this, knew of a Canadian retailer/distributor.

  7. Love your videos!!! You are the best!
    I was planning to apply humic acid to my lawn, but unfortunately, the only type I was able to find here in Canada is Green Planet one, and it comes in liquid form.
    Do you think I can get the same result with this type of humic acid?
    How often should it be applied?

  8. I've decide this summer that I'm going to retake my lawn and your videos have been a great help. What granular fertilizer do you recommending if I am going to try overseeding?

  9. What order should I do these procedures in? I want to mow, remove weeds, and thatch (using the GreenWorks machine that you recommended). I feel like there is a good or most appropriate way to do these steps if I want to fix my lawn and backyard. Also for my backyard, I may want to level it (add soil to the ends of each side since they slope down), where would I put this levelling step too? Thanks.

  10. Great content Silver! Loved your vid of rejuvenation doing airation, overseed, tenacity…
    What fertilizer blend should be used after the lawn is established for 1 year? Thx, keep up great vids. -sdub

  11. I noticed the Humic granular that you had previously recommended on amazon is went unavailable. Is there another you recommend? Also just reached out to Sprayers plus about how to get a 105Ex as I'm also a MA resident and based out of CA and they are out of stock on site. Very eager to try your method with the Kelp. Thank you for your videos!

  12. Love it I watched many of your other videos as well this is a huge especially since I just started doing treatment on other people’s lawns.i go to site one they have the high quality Leacock fertilizer they told me one of the first things I should buy is backpack sprayer still have to get one..anyways never used humic time to start..

  13. I enjoy all of your videos but this one is definitely one of my favorites!
    Question in regards to the seal kelp, can you apply it by itself, or do you recommend applying it as part of your "summer lawn cocktail"?
    Also, does it have to be watered in?

  14. Hey love your vids, Amazon is all sold out of that Humic Acid any advise on where else I can buy some…also I saw Humic Acid from the same company but in a different package that the one you posted, what’s the difference? Thank you Sir

  15. What’s your opinion on big box store weed n’ feed products? I’m trying to improve my atrocious lawn, but the amount of products out there are a bit overwhelming!

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