1. December 2019 U2Bheavenbound ALERT Youtube DELETING MASS # of ACCOUNTS Update –

    This is Youtube Alert to Youtube Channels – Over the next few days, you may see a decrease in your subscriber count as we remove closed accounts from your channel (Youtube has for years on U2Bheavenbound unsubscribing subscribers & turning off notification bell to subscribers shadow banning making NOT show up in searches along with comments ETC) –

    The latest Guidelines & Policies States YouTube Can Delete Your Channel If It Is Not Commercially Viable so for ANY reason Google Youtube discretion without any reason given AKA Conservative views will be silenced YOUTUBE automatically Deleting accounts –

    Youtube December 2019 Guidelines update video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b91e_S_oZCk

    U2Bheavenbound is on Youtube Radar for termination if U2Bheavenbound

    is Gone you know why !!!! U2Bheavenbound Back up channel https://www.youtube.com/utoobheavenbound?sub_confirmation=1

    Follow U2B on Twitter @ twitter.com/u2bheavenbound & on facebook send a Friend request Will accept @ facebook.com/u2bheavenbound also select follow

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