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Date of stream 11 Apr 2020. Live-stream chat added as Subtitles/CC – English (Twitch Chat). Stream title: predictions for the future #notbroken? Instagram: …


  1. The team of CIA and MI6 and nasa engineers that created the right propaganda and video technology to trick people incapable of questioning perceived authority that a few freemasons went to the moon, is not the greatest generation. And this generation is similarly as slave minded, hence the quarantine panic and willingness to stick gene tampering needles into their veins based on the words of liars and shady science.

  2. dosent take much intelligence to grasp covid is bullshit no one can swallow it.. friggin npc's .. easy to spot them now they all wear mask lol. very interesting from that point of view! also no one can grasp even with the two terrible choices were giving to elect,.. i hate politics i hate people that are deceived even more.. and seem damn near 80% even the intelligent people!. antartica is our fence.. space is our dream reward.. wake up people your in a cage.. once you realize this dont be a cypher and go back to sleep. thats giving up on a very deep level admiting and giving power to the cpu ur a zombie for disposal! hope this hit ears that can hear.. i could care less about responses.. injecting code … if we inject all npc characters to reflect the truth the programmer will notice that …. things will change then we look for glitchs! William Ellington instagram me yo

  3. What 50 dollars fine this dude's talking about? Also, freedom of speech can easily lead to violence and people getting hurt. If the fine would save someone's life, then IMO that's a valid reason to enforce such laws. Not everyone's an intellectual with 130 IQ.

  4. 5:04 – I grew up on the internet around this time. The Internet the last 10 years is unrecognizable from how great it was 1998-2010. That was when the internet was freedom.

  5. Yes obviously all the transition happened in 2000 to 2010

    From 2010 to 2020 we literally didn't see much change

    He used the Google Maps example aptly
    Now the internet is more fighting & negative that's for sure
    Now the internet will give you depression

  6. nothing increased videogames wise because i went homeless.. i didnt realize my influence in gaming as a gamer was so huge.. afte 5 years im like damn the games gonna be beyond nowadays.. and i looked like wth.. exactly when i left.. so i played some game and saw a rise again.. like wait a second.. am i doing this? it all started with counter strike an when i invented trolling..

  7. George please I been watching some your video's especial the ones where your coding, programing with the comment: COVID-19. I would advice you to teach people what you know. I would 100% purchase your courses.

  8. Coronavirus will accelerate future innovations. The world was becoming lazier and distracted. Now the world got less distractions and more time to focus on important things.

  9. As long as you're not interacting with people you're fine to go on a walk. It's not like you need to be locked up – so you're not actually saying 'fuck you' to the man by going out on a walk. To still be slapdash with it by saying '1/1000' chance is insensitive to at risk people (but you're insensitive and we know that). You mention to 'stay away from old people' but that's not exactly what you're doing, the virus doesn't discriminate. If you interact with 'sue' over there and then she goes to see her grandmother and touches the counter, and a RN accidentally touches that same place and isn't careful (because we know all nursing homes are the height of care in the US…) then the entire nursing home dies, butterfly effect. It's not about if YOU get it, it's about being considerate of others. If you don't care about other people, that's fine too. Freedom of speech this is not, though. It's most akin to "proud bug-spreaders" who know they have AIDS and continue to have unprotected sex in order to get more people infected. That's what your attitude is closest to, and how you're representing yourself (while laughing about it). That's fine and dandy if you're just living to be a troll – more power to you – but… Yeah I don't even know why I'm writing this, you don't give a fuck about anyone or anything haha so fuck it.

  10. We are bred to be docile just like we did with wolves into dogs. Domesticated and comfortable, just enough. People have not had enough to provoke any real change.. The world is fucked, it has been fucked for a very long time. Accept it or prepare to risk you and your families safety. Can you do that???

  11. Hello.

    I feel as though this is a proper place to divulge this prediction.
    This prediction is as follows…
    A rise in kung fu movies with ninjas.
    Upticks in female ninjas.
    Many ninja porn fetish vids.

    Good luck.

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