1. My line tends to herm at the perfect time. Usually when its time to harvest, im working on weeding out the hermaphrodite tendencies. I have crossed my line 6x and selfed it 2x. Taken 8 years and this year was the first proper pheno hunt, and hope to have a final stable product by 2022. Then do it all again with another line. Maybe it will not take so long next breeding line.

  2. Im look for seed or swop on my 99% sativa, my weed type grows very large and heavy buds for on a very stable lvl about a foot long thik and very hardy and I do not know the thc but have spent 10 years developing it. Located in Australia

  3. Ok thanks everyone. You are correct. F1 will have the most uniform offspring where the f2, because of recessive traits will show greater phenotypical variance. You have less keepers and have to trash more, but will have a greater chance at getting that superstar because it pulls back recessive traits of the grandparents. Sorry I misspoke and props to the wisdom and spotted it. Thanks

  4. F1 is moderately stable in terms of variation. F2 has the greatest amount of variation, due to recessive genes. You will find grandparents phenos in this generation. As you work further down the generations, it becomes more consistent through F3, F4, etc.

  5. he butchers the cinderella 99 story and also, f1 isnt as much variation as f2.. after f2 it can be narrowed down with selection.. but f2 shows grandparent phenos, where f1 is as he described

  6. learned a lot from this. tbh genetics are the area within cannabis that confuses me the most sometimes. a while back i hermed 3 plants from a light leak and at the time wasn't sure if the seeds would be ok or not but it sounds like they were good feminized seeds being that they came from stress pollination on existing female plants vs hermies that just threw out nanners due to bad genetics in optimal grow conditions

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