1. Cam Battley has repeatedly said Aurora is a medical cannabis company, so I think a partnership with a big pharmaceutical company initially would be massive

  2. Valens Grow Works Corp. VGWCF…. This company can do there cbd. They already signed with tilray and Canopy!! as well as TGOD and others. This company is a diamond in the ruff. Guys we cant forget about the gears that make the clock work

  3. I think Aurora should go with multiple companies. It would be beneficial for the company's to partner with Aurora and naturally increase Aurora's capital.

  4. Its hard to say who will become the best strategic partner for Aurora. I would love to see Pepsi and Coke back in but that most likely will not happen so i guess we will just have to wait and see.

  5. You all know Peltz is what use to be called a "Raider", right? Greed is Good and all that! And I can't believe you never heard of Roche Pharmaceuticals. I like Deal the all in.

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