Foundation Tutorial for Fair Skin | Vital Skin | Westman Atelier

Makeup artist Gucci Westman shares her technique for a perfect Vital Skin foundation application and flawless blending on the fairest of skin tones—with special …


  1. Would love to see Olive tone. I can wear the I but it is really golden undertones. My Native American genes are strong but I somehow got my mom's very fair olive skin. My dad was very tanned though. I love the rainbow of skin tones, so many beautiful skin complexions.

  2. Gucci can your editors consider no music or different when you are speaking , or selective use , the music is prominent over your speaking it should be in the background occasionally.its lazy editing, better to have no music than this way.
    it's very distracting all the music thru out your conversation plus the type of music, blippity or bagpipes just aweful.
    Other than that the content is great but a lot of people complain about the music done this way, it's distracting l🇨🇦🙏🏻

  3. Could you do a tutorial on the best way to bronze up a complexion like Sara's? For example, what would you choose as far as super loaded and baby cheeks? And how would you apply a bronzer on a fair skin such as hers. Would you still only use a bronzer on the top half of her face or would you use another method to warm up the entire face.. Thank you

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  5. Where is the fair skin?
    For me as a natural redhead with white skin it's so weird and funny if people say they have fair skin.
    If my skin had this shade I would say it's sun kissed.

  6. I can’t wait till I get my foundations from you! I ordered everything and forward to seeing how it does on my 67 year old skin! Thanks GucciZ, Blessings to you xo

  7. I am fair, but I never like a foundation quite as fair. I go a tad darker with a neutral undertone. I apply it the same as done in the video. I do not use it all over my face.

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