Foray Sativa 0.5 Cannabis Vape Cartridge Review

Review of the 0.5g “Sativa 0.5” 510 Vape Cartridge by Foray Cannabis (Auxly Cannabis Group). Total THC: 800mg/g (80%) Total CBD: 8mg/g (0.8%)


  1. I bought one of these and it lasted like ~10ish pulls. Very tasty but I’m pretty sure we got an empty cartridge. It was the disposable version so the entire Foray pen is opaque and you can’t see the oil. So I feel very cheated being sold an empty vape

  2. Hey man great review. Just got that cart last night. Flavour is excellent and nice buzz. Have you tried spinach carts at all? The foray indica and balance are real nice too. I use to get the trail blazer all the time but I think foray takes the cake on the trail blazer. Fav carts so far

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