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  1. You guys should really check out some D8 carts (Delta 8). It’s legal hemp derived THC. Don’t buy it from anyone though, if you need a few spots just reply back and ask! But it legit, foreal! It feels like the perfect smoke, “no paranoia, no panic” none of that mess. Just pure blissful experience. But if you smoke to much it will put you on your azz! And don’t hit it to hard…because it might feel alittle harsh, Otherwise it is the truth! Stay lifted and positive and I check back in on you guys! Uncle Pootie

  2. Actually you got to understand if they tested it that shit would still be positive on there test the test they made wasnt designed for thc but for similar properties in cannabis also you could fail a drug test with hempnflower not trying to kill peoples dope vibes just be educated on cbd and no what line of work your doing cause you got to ask yourself at the end of the day is it worth it for that salary job my job dont give af so i smoke it up

  3. I just ordered me some cbd flower to smoke and im kinda nervous. Ive always been a little Jealous of people who could smoke weed cuz i lovvvve the smell and taste but i get superrrrr paranoid and feel like im gonna die. So i hope i like it!!!!

  4. Ok so I am 51. I live in Texas and work my ass off as a Repoman 12-16 hrs almost every night. I love weed and always have but I can not do it anymore because of the randoms we get in the business. I could lose my TDLR and CARS certification instantly if I fail a test. My career will be over when that happens. Will smoking this be a good substitute and help with minor stress and help me to sleep better? I like to unwind on the weekends and play metal/rock with my friends. The weed helped me play my drums a little better I have to admit. So is there any advantages to this on maybe getting into music better? Or be more focused on my timing? Not sure if that made sense to you but if you play you tend to get more focused and in with the groove of the other band mates when you are stoned and it is almost magic the way everyone feeds off each other and comes up with new riffs.

  5. Bomb! I smoke evryday.keeps m3 a calm and happy mama! Thats right mama. Do yo thang..all natural mama.thats what i always say! 🙂 hey and its legal where i live .heeeeey😀😀😀😉

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