First Home Buyer Q&A [Update 2020]

In this video we break down some of the most common first home buyer questions we have been asked in 2020, including: Where should a first time home buyer …


  1. Good morning, thank you for all of your insightful videos! Just wondering – as a first home buyer that won’t qualify for any grants as we will be buying an established property. Can you get an owner occupier loan if you have tenants that want to finish their lease? Do you have to wait until they vacate before you go for a loan?

  2. My employer will co contribute into my super contributions up to 1.5% of my pre tax salary, would this additional amount from my employer count towards my FHSS amount?

  3. I'm not eligible for first home buyers but i do have a question. My parents have agreed to sell me a property for less than its market value (I renovated the property for them), so i should instantly have a decent amount of equity in that property from the start. My question is when it comes to getting a loan does the bank still require me to pay a cash deposit or can that deposit come out of the equity of the property i am purchasing?

  4. Hey jayden and Nathan hope your well. I have a question I'm a first home buyer and my dad is putting up 20% deposits through his equity and the other 80% is going to be through another bank therefore 2 separate loans i think thats how it works and is there down side if its done this way. I just thought if your getting gaurantor you had to get the loan through the same bank as the gaurantor? Thanks

  5. Been binge watching some of these videos today and it's been super helpful trying to get my head around looking for my first home. Not sure if you mention it in another video sometime, but is there anywhere you could recommend I learn about how each bank works and which one's have the best rates and whatnot.


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