Enhancing Neurodevelopmental Resilience from Conception to Adulthood

04:34 – Main Presentation, 57:59 – Audience Questions) Robert L Hendren, DO, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science discusses how to build …


  1. When are the effects of ultra sound on the fetus during gestation going to be recognized as a contributing factor to neurological disruption in the fetus. It seems so evident to me, however I’m not a scientist just a grandmother of two grandchildren on the spectrum

  2. Interesting talk from your guest speaker. But I detect that as insightful and innovative his approach might be to identifying the mass of increase in autism spectrum disorders overlapping like well with ADHD etc maybe from one or a combination of environmental factors that he refers to I find it interesting how it seems to be two schools of thought around all things having to do with biomedical and health outcomes professions: that's what I call the conventional and there is the heresy based perspective. Basically anybody questioning the conventional paradigm or who stays outside the boundaries of convention in their theories or ideas about anything are labeled heretics and providers of mis- information. The term misinformation has been kicked around a lot lately but I believe it's an arrogant term because it assumes the conventional belief is the truth when all it is is the belief of the authorities that once decided to be a thing or the truth obtains what I call Professional closure the fact that it comes from a qualified doctor in and of itself confirms it to be the truth whether it is the truth or not. Truth just is and is independent of how qualified for educated the authority may be other subject matter. The fact is Doctor you operate within a paradigm that is closed to other possibilities when it comes to the root cause of the massive increase in autism spectrum disorders and ADHD etc type neurological conditions. And while I think there's a lot of Truth to what you're saying I see that people of your convention operate within still a narrow range of what's possible. The fact is what is true is not what you or your institutions decide to be true what's true just is independent of your institutions. Nature cake before science and the good scientist is free of concepts and open to you what is. Because what is just is. I see the conventional approach tends to think an absolute. First principles approaches require that you see things in terms of trends and probabilities not in terms of absolute. This increase in autism spectrum disorders and ADHD etc is not arithmetic it is not incremental it is exponential it is multifold and it has become that way in a very short span of time relative to the decades and decades that cognitive disorders were tracked and of course relative to the 200,000 years of human evolution never mind the millions of years the mammalian evolution preceding that. Well I'm sure environmental changes may be of some influence I cannot believe that influence would be any more than incremental or arithmetic. This is just something else is going on something far more impactful something far more potent and something for different from nature. So I cut to the chase when I say that I think it's vaccines you will immediately and unconditionally dismiss me and decide that I am an antivacce conspiracy theorist. But that's a cop out and that's what you people do but it's a cop out because you don't even take time to debate the possibility it's your culture that is biased against sittering the possibility it could be a vaccines and as simple as that or at least vaccines and combination with the precision conditions and your environment. Correlation is not causation and antidotal evidence is not data but it becomes data when there's enough of it and it becomes more sound research data as the end value increases because there's no bias because it's not an experimental design which is always inherently biased anecdotal evidence accumulated ceases to be anecdotal and is the purest form of research. While correlation is not causation just as is the case with anecdotal evidence it ceases to be not causation when the frequency or the p-value which is sufficient strength as to be provable statistically to be most likely causative. Two things are extreme one the introduction of vaccines that is very extreme because it didn't exist before 100 years ago and mankind has millions of years of evolution preceding him. The other thing that is unusual is the sudden increase in autism. There is correlation between the mnmr vaccines and spikes in autism and get your culture your field of endeavor your greater organization the medical establishment refuses to consider the possibility and you make fun and mock people like Wakefield and manipulate him into being the heretic and the fraudster. Confirmation bias and personal bias prevent people from being able to accept new ideas especially if the herd have already adopted ideas. I think you are indoctrinated into that hurt or you would stop and you would take a serious look or at least try to discount the possibility vaccines at the roof of the increase in autism and ADHD at least show logical reasons why it can't be a factor eliminated but the same conviction you and your establishment deny it to be true prove it prove it is not. it makes a lot of sense the vaccines would indeed impede cognitive development given their potency and given the massive dynamic activity during early infantile neurological development it's just one massive quantum field very tiny perturbations to that finally evolving dynamic that is the sum of the neurological system of a human being would be expected to result in a tsunami like disturbance that once the brain sets like jello sets after it's been compounded with water it sets in such a way to mind is not quite right why is that so difficult to believe that something so intentionally potent and disturbing to that delicate rainforest that is the developing infantile nervous system would not be disturbed by that surge that pulse that way that tsunami that foreign hyper concentrated antigen mixed with the juvents intended to instill an unnatural echo in the developing fetus sorry not fetus but infant why would that not translate into a major cognitive change a minor shift in that highly dynamic developing field would be expected to have major changes in cognition perception etc and yet it's not even considered a possibility or disproven scientifically by the establishment and people like Dr Wakefield get buried and have their ideas and reputations burn because they have the courage and the conviction to speak up and step up. In 50 or in 500 or 500,000 years the truth will be revealed how is it that the establishment can just decide they know better than nature?

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