Dry herb vaporizer review: Flowermate (2019)

This Marijuana Vaporizer review is for the Flowermate V5.0s ! My favorite dry herb vaporizer under $100 ! The flowermate v5.0s is cheap, user friendly and …


  1. This is one of the best user review of vape I found in years. Thanks dude! You dropin some really useful bombs! Thinking about buying Flowermate NANO with the replaceable bateries, to not wory of going empty when in woods 😀

  2. Hey whatsup! great video! Quick question, just picked this exact vaporizer up and I notice for dry herb low temperatures seem to not work. Only when it's 420+ degrees fahrenheit does it seem to work. Am I doing something wrong or does dry herb just need a higher temperature?

  3. THIS is what I call a review! You rock! I just ordered the v5 pro, and this is gonna be the perfect little unit for me. No one else actually shows how to really use it, or gives any tips or tricks. I'm new to vaping flower, but been vaping nicotine for over 11 years. You got a new sub! You're cool af man

  4. What's up bro, is it still working pretty good? I wanna buy it but then I see some reviews of people saying they waste more bud using the V5, versus just rolling joints/blunts. Anyways I enjoyed the review and I subscribed 👍

  5. So you dont use it for shatter then if so a how to would be nice… btw your video kinda made my day.. lol.. keep up with these awesome videos.. thanks…

  6. You’re meant to put the stainless steel plating in before you put your flower in. It’s not meant to go in between the flower and the mouthpiece

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