Dr. Umar Johnson – Last Lecture of the Decade (Detroit) New School/Interracial Relations etc. – 2019

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  1. King Randall built a school for Black boys in no time. Umar Johnson? 10 years and counting – no school, just a begging campaign for "donations."

  2. And bw stop wearing the damn bonnet in public too! Unfortunately, we are judged by how we look in this world so look your BEST in public black people. You WILL be treated better. Trust me…

  3. I agree with 95% of what he said. I had to go by myself didn't have a black people to work with me so I had to bring a tape recorder. I had to know my rights and I quoted them to them.

  4. I don't know what church y'all went to but the black church I've been to preach GOD wants you to prosper as your soul prosper I've heard this fron my black pastors for over 30 years. My home was loaded with books that is dictionary, thesaurus, math books , black history books. Bishop Tolbert has a school helping black people and everyone on the board and teachers black and he teaches his people to love themselves. I've been knowing Jesus was black my grandfather taught me this.

  5. GOD is a orderly GOD and GOD created us fearful and carefully. GOD grants life to us we wouldn't be here unless GOD says so. If GOD had a problem with us mating with other ethnic backgrounds then GOD would have made it so that white men could only Impregnate white women or black men could only impregnate black women, last time I checked man couldn't grant life unless GOD give the consent so who is man to tell you that you are not free because you are mating with a white woman or a Asian woman or a Mexican woman the only requirement that GOD has for you before you mate is that men and the woman be married again GOD is orderly and is the reason why men can't impregnate another man or a woman can't impregnate another woman if GOD didn't want it GOD wouldn't have let it be in existence. Stop listening to man for knowledge and look for knowledge through God and him only because man can be corrupt by his way but GOD can not be corrupt. GOD is consistent man is not unless they are with GOD. GOD is the same and has never changed.

  6. People have to understand that any building one wants to purchase for Commerical purposes, certain guidelines have to be met by the township/City Building and Safety Inspection. And if necessary the state. It doesn't matter if u have the money to purchase, repair, demolition, build, still theirs guidelines one must follow. I think the good Dr. Is being Red Lined trying to purchase a building from state to state. When one opens their mouth to enlighten ones mind and thought, there going to be a negative response. He's not against caucasians, he's trying to save the black race.

  7. I dress up any time I volunteered in the classroom. The kids thought I was a lawyer. We have to be an example to these kids. I rather a child think I am a lawyer than to see me in pajamas looking like Shanaynay.

  8. When he started talking about God’s name he is wrong it’s in the Bible in Hebrew it’s יוהוה = Yahuah/Yahawah if you want to follow the God of the Bible then you follow the rules of the Bible; also it’s very unlikely we are descendants of Egypt most of us are from west/central/South Africa…

  9. So you said it so what you sound just like the Caucasian man "whites should only marry whites" I agree with some things you speak on but not all

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