Don Nelson on his life post-basketball: 'I've been smoking some pot'

Never change, Nellie. Don Nelson is an unabashed weed lover. That has been the case ever since he moved to Maui, Hawaii, where he grows his own …


  1. With all that's going on in the world today it's kind of comforting to see Don Nelson let loose and smoke pot in Hawaii. I'm really glad we're finally at a place where he can admit to it and herb is essentially legal most places.

  2. Pop say that if timmy was coach by nellie he would have use him as a point forward and maybe a pg lol (timmy always say he want to play pg) he would have put crazy stats in nelson system.
    Long live the weed

  3. Weed in a sense is overrated. Just my opinion. I just cannot see what it is that people like so much about it in the past when I have tried to smoke it with both men and women they swore by it especially the ladies. So I smoked it with them out of force but just still couldn’t tell myself wow this is amazing. But I guess people can say the same thing about myself with my love for wine. So I guess I understand.

  4. Stephen Jackson = "I'm a sports analyst with ESPN and I shot a movie."

    Jason Richardson = "Finishing a promise to my mom to finish my degree in sports business."

    Don Nelson = "I've been smokin' some pot!"


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