1. Actually that isn’t inaccurate based upon what findings have come out by reputable sources in early findings. And apparently been ignored, or at least prevented from becoming more widely known. (likely to prevent panic.)

    This virus: can cause total organ failure in
    Testicles(cause sterility in men)
    Abnormal blood clots
    Encephalitis(nerve damage)
    Loss of taste
    Loss of smell
    High Fever
    Dry Cough
    Shortness of breath
    Pneumonia like symptoms
    Spontaneous unconsciousness/Coma (those leaked videos of people waiting for a bus, or walking along and then just dropped like a sack of potatoes.)
    Ocular ‘abnormalities’ (Red eye, Pink eye)
    Brain ailments/Neurological-symptoms such as Confusion, Strokes and seizures.

    … and more but that I think makes for a fine enough list to cover “if you died to [cause] and were found to be infected after death… it could’ve been Covid related”

    Car crash? Could’ve been confusion, seizures, heart attack, blood clot (causing heart attacks or brain issues).

    Pneumonia? That list of possible symptoms/effects covers it.

    They were climbing up a ladder and suddenly fell to their death? Heart attack, suddenly unconscious/Coma, etc etc etc.

    Scary as hell when you start looking into scholarly findings regarding this outbreak and what has been found globally to occur in confirmed patients.
    (Ventilator is to prevent the lungs from filling up with effectively pus/Blood as it slowly gums up the lungs and spreads. Lots of X-ray/CT scan things showing that.

    So no question the public would be kept in the dark about such a horror story of a disease. What trucker wants to ship product to stores? What cargo bay worker wants to load or unload that truck? What grocer wants to restock or man a cash register in the face of that?

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