1. I wish this company cared about its shareholders.. they always talk about shareholder value. But Havent seen any value, my investment will hurt me for years.

  2. Aurora your weed sucks. Tastes like washed out chemical garbage. anyone who doesnt agree with that obviously needs to try real cannabis or is obviously a rookie easy bake oven. I am proud to say ive been boycotting these goofs since before cannabis was even legal and since then ive stopped numerous people at dispenseries from wasting their money on that garbage. Fuck Aurora.

  3. What a professional and great clip! … I find it very good.. that your cannabis is bio growth.. I live in Germany… and yeah… i hope, that the future as an cannabis leader… is yours! 🙂 Go on… Aurora!!!

  4. Wow. This is incredible.
    Plus having this video be 4 minutes and 20 seconds long is just icing on the cake. s/p is below my average but by golly we'll be set next year.
    Hold you shares people, don't let the shorts/bashers scare you into selling at a loss! ACB Long 🙂

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