Defending Officer Kim Potter in Daunte Wright Shooting​

Former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter charged with second-degree manslaughter – we review the charges and the defense.​ • Former police officer Kim …





  2. If the officer failed to neutralize the armed threat escaping in vehicle while handcuffed, ended up killing a pedestrian or otherwise… the officer would’ve also likely been held accountable for negligence.

    While wholly accidental, don’t think the outcome was unjustified.

  3. 1. While I don't think Potter had intentions to kill Wright I believe she is guilty as her 26 year training should've reminded her where her weapons of incapacitation are on her belt. Any sort of actions against outside of due process against her or her family I disagree with but understand why they are committed. I say this because anyone who has or has been mistakenly identified as a criminal would demand due process.

    2. The city manager shouldn't be fired for upholding the idea of due process as its an important thing to address in society especially in this climate. Threats to someone else is not cause for getting rid of someone's job who was speaking in favor of due process, if you let threats dictate your actions then you'll get it from both sides.

    3. Rioting solves about as much as it does for the cause especially if its in your own neighborhood where the government couldn't care less they just have to show they do by sending in national guard, the shop owners and franchises move out of these areas not bothering to rebuild these businesses to provide services and goods to those living in the area and people having to make inconvenient trips to other areas to get those goods and services.

    4. Resistance of an arrest is not a reason for lethal measures unless that resistance is in a direct life threatening circumstance to the officer or other civilians. However even now I'm seeing not enough of descalation to situations like these that could have better outcomes. Even the father saw it from their point of view knowing his son was doing things he shouldn't have, but would've preferred tazing over lethality.

  4. This could be avoid if he would have surrender and obey., but now we have riots and the mob. Now we have a congress women who is increase in intensity and Biden lock in the White House waiting on his Master to tell him what to do.

  5. Seems to me we need more Community Based policing. This should have been across the board-after all these years. Unfortunately that city I visited had a lot of addicts so you have people taking advantage now like they did during the Oklahoma bombings. There is still a lot of resentment and unresolved issues the black American community has because no justice was ever given for that and many other incidents. It doesn’t matter how long she was on the force why not have let him go? You don’t show any empathy towards the victim only the officer. Sad but she had his info with dispatch she should have just issued a warrant and had someone go to his home. It was unfortunate for all of us and now that young man is dead. Instead why not talk about why American is forcing that conversation about its past?

  6. I think I really like you for you express a broad range of information which surprises me! Anyhow, my take, I think with all this cop crap, this particular case could the beginnings to sanctioning officers from possessing guns on/off duty, an unarmed cop! I am disgusted at cops, today's cops are not the ones I once remember and I have my reasons and proof, however, I believe this is going to explode in a pony show at the political level to remove armed officer, or at least limit their possession of holding a gun! The word 'taser' is enough for me to believe my theory!

  7. 24:24 "… if the suspect poses a significant threat of death. They can easily say that about Daunte Wright…"
    No, they can't. Yes, he was trying to get in the car to drive away, but he was nowhere near being able to do so.
    The real issue here is affirmative action. This woman should never have been let loose on the public equipped with a gun because she is clearly incapable of making good decisions under pressure AND because she's not physically capable of doing her job properly.. Never mind the bizarre brainfart of mistaking her pistol for a Taser, wtf was she doing shooting darts? I'm ok with her Tasing Wright if she had a clear opportunity to do it, but (a) she didn't and (b) she was too close to use darts — applying the Taser in "driver" mode was the only option. The point is, however, that any male officer meeting minimum physical standards — even, say, a 140-pounder like Derek Chauvin — would simply have grabbed a leg and helped drag Wright back out of the car. But because she is physically incapable of doing her job properly she resorted to unsafely (she would as likely hit the other officer as Wright) and ineffectively (the range has to be enough for the darts to separate sufficiently!) firing a weapon.

    Note that the capacity for mental panic isn't affirmative action-specific. The other time I've heard it alleged a policeman killed an arrestee because he mistook his pistol for a Taser was, I believe, when that that was the claim of the BART officer (BART is a San Francisco area transit train system) who shot someone dead during an arrest in a BART station a few years ago. He was male. (And he was convicted.)

  8. Could you also say the cops endangered the girlfriend by meaning to tase him while he was driving away? Why did they not move him away from the door while cuffing him? The whole thing seemed sloppy as hell.

  9. We are fucking tired of being killed if the police was running around pulling people over etc….. and killing white people what would white people do think about black people don't want to hear this shot in our eyes she killed him period we want justice period if whites won't stand for police killing them why should we continue to allow this to happen No MORE

  10. The real dangerous mob : rightwingers who have seen all the same evidence in the Chauvin case and still call this plank a hero. Scary. Seems to be more the middle aged so I have hope for the young still.

  11. 1. City manger needs to sue the city for unlawful dismissal. They fire him to protect their butt! 2. The mayor of Brooklyn Park needs to be recalled due to his inflammatory statements. 3. Pull out all the stops to defend the officer. The reason Dante is dead is because he resisted arrest. Everything else does not happen if he doesn't resist. Potter needs to sue the City for lack of support. These Thugs cannot win.

  12. No the warrant was for not showing for the court date not for the crime that was to heard at the court date so your reaching, same for reaching into his pass.
    You would basically be saying if you ever committed a violent crime once cops would be justified in killing you from that point forward.

  13. How come these sort of “accidents” or “excessive force” violations Are very rarely done by black police . It’s always a certain race doing it . Hmmm 🤔

  14. Don’t forget officer Mohammed noor who shot and killed a white lady in SELF DEFENSE/accident , he got 13 years for murder. You all supported that but now u want this taser lady to go Scott free

  15. Officer Potter sounds extremely agitated in the video, actually screaming as if in terror, not with a sound of authority. Maybe at an instinctive or subconscious level she did react as to a major threat. And maybe her instinct was even right! I don't know her.

  16. I understand your empathy for the city council, etc., but they, and their leadership ( incl Mayor, Gov.), created this mess by caving to the mob. I feel sorry for the law abiding citizens and businesses owners in Minneapolis. They have bared the burden, from both sides.

  17. A student having a "learning disability" or in school classes for that doesnt mean much. Almost any excuse is used to put students in these classes because the schools get reimbursed more money for them. They can be totally normal and just dont apply themselves and be labeled a learning disability. Of course I have no idea what his circumstances were.

  18. But was the gun in question for the warrant Real ? Probably it was but I doubt it can be proven since they didn't have it and toy guns look almost identical to the real thing.

  19. It appeared to be a high stress volatile situation and she made an error. It has happened before. The Oscar Grant case. Turning the case over to Ellison is the injustice. She'll never get a fair trial with a high profile politician in charge.

  20. I like the breakdown, however I believe the cop acted within her right to shoot even if it was an accident. Point being is that Dante had a passenger in the car and was in immediate danger after he resisted arrest. Not to mention a car chase endangers more than just the cops and suspect. My friend just came back last week from a funeral that two people were killed in a head on car wreck, because of a high speed pursuit. Ask that husband and wife of 50 years how they feel. That's right you can't because they're dead now.

  21. If you say this was justified albeit by accident, what do you think will happen next time someone is shot in broadly similar circumstances. We all make mistakes, and sometimes we have to pay for them.

  22. She should take a plea deal.
    Her defense, oops 😬 I grabbed my gun.
    Bad training? 26 years.
    The truth is she probably pulled her weapon less then 4 or 5 times over that 26 years at most.

  23. Do you sound biased as by as can be 26 years of experience she has more experience than this guy have on this planet all the laws you're ringing off they were meant to control and keep black folks in their place so there's no Escape no matter what the lady was wrong and she needs to pay

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