Dealing with joint custody of children during the coronavirus pandemic

A family attorney says that you should talk to your former partner about how to handle the situation when it comes to visitation of kids in the coronavirus …


  1. My issue is my kids dad resently asked to see the kids but only after i sent him a pic of them. On top of that the rashes and bruse marks stopped after this all started. It has been a month since he seen the kids. Today at around 5pm april 17th of 2020 he called me saying he was on his way to get the boys. I told him he cant take them outta this house but he is more then welcomed to come visit for a few hrs but he must wash his hands, keep his face covered, and keep a little distance to prevent any of us from getting sick. He accused me of withholding them even tho i invited him many times to come see the boys. Can someone explain to me what i couldve said to get him to understand why i am being so stricked. I am a new mom with twin 1 and a half year old boys. I am scared that they could get it and i might lose them. Is this an irrational fear or a logical one for a new mom to have. I am scared of allot of things but this is by far the worse fear to have.

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