David Crosby: Remember My Name

A revealing and deeply personal documentary exploring the life and creative renaissance of music icon David Crosby. A cultural force for over fifty years, Crosby …


  1. I do like to imagine '67 Byrds, with Crosby, doing "Just Like Heaven," the Cure tune with a tambourine and McGuinn doing the Rick-thing. All jaded, but being sublime, like "Goin' Back." CSNY is a less shitty version of 3 Dog Night.

  2. 2nd viewing and stop after the Byrds fire his ass… That's the movie Cameron. Crosby post-Byrd is a drag. A spoiled satyr into "politics." Do a movie about The Byrds.

  3. wow, brutal honesty. a serious reflection by a legend, and I gotta give respect to Cameron for going where angels may fear to tread in asking tough, truly personal questions to a man who's looking all the way back and all the while towards an uncertain future. excellent doc. thank you to all that made this possible

  4. There is a version of "Carry On," live at the LA Forum from 1970 that rocks, so CSNY didn't suck, but in all these docs they're treated like some precious hippie-relic. Aargh. Even The Hollies were better than CSNY, and this is based on the garage-test.

  5. I was hoping Cameron Crowe, although he may be the Rick Reilly of rock-journalism, hagiography… would ask Crosby, "What the fuck was it like being in The Byrds in 1967? Their outtakes are better than any shit you've done since. Please tell?" but no. In hagiography you've gotta pretend "Ohio," was dangerous or something. CSNY sucked.

  6. I dare say, speculate, that The Byrds are more enduring than CSNY… "Sweetheart of the Rodeo," sans Crosby, is cooler than Deja Vu; not in Boulder or Woodstock, but in my garage. And "Younger Than Yesterday," with Crosby is better than any CSNY. Test in your garage.

  7. I liked it. but as a Byrds nut, I've seen most of the footage before and read about all the other drama… Was hoping they'd do a deep-dive into what it was like to be a Byrd in 1966. Wishful thinking again. It's always gotta go into how great/popular CSN became, while The Byrds floundered post-Crosby. Yawn.

  8. So sad. He is still in denial, that it is his hubris and narcissism that brought him here and left his best friends sacrificed on the altar of his pride. I love his work as an artist, but have no sympathy for him as a human being – one that squandered an almost unimaginable set of gifts for the sake of ego. Tragic.

  9. This was really a wonderful film. I grew up with this man’s music and though at times I strongly disagreed with his choices, that music created a lot of love that still remains. That will live on, the rest won’t matter. Love you, David Crosby, thank you for this film offering.

  10. To be honest, I had such big expectations for this film…and it failed to meet them. It was good, while I was hoping for great I give it a solid B.

  11. I hate his liberal stance and things he says but as a fan of his music I must separate the two, his political beliefs and all the wonderful music, especially The Byrd’s, all the best to David Crosby, god speed and your name will be remembered long after you and I both are gone!

  12. The man …the memories….the life . The pain the sadness and the love.The joy of music , to sing and touch us all .May you find the peace i fear you seek.May you find the song that never lets you go.With love i will always remember your name. My soul you have touched ,Thank you David Crosby……thank you

  13. Very Bittersweet. It takes alot of guts to lay your life and heart and yes, mistakes on the the table and he did. The others might want to take a lesson. Stills wasnt liked by many in the business to begin with. I'd just love to see Graham pick up the phone. Besides many others who have now passed you can feel he has a love for Graham and I think visa versa but Grahams silly pride is in the way. Them getting together again as the great friends they were would be the perfect ending to this. I have a ton of respect for David Crosby. You can't help but love him. 💖….And respect the Man.

  14. So happy to finally see this. It's so tragic that all their relationships fell apart like that, but unfortunately Davids reputation of being an asshole is as prolific as his reputation of being a drug addict.

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