Dank Vape | How To Remove Top

These video will Show you how To Remove the Top of your dank vape to access the Wax. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please Subscribe or …


  1. Is there anyway you can screw off bottom and replace that with an old cart? I have a cart that's busted at the bottom but i need to replace that part. Plz help

  2. Perfect !!!! it gets no better than that he shows you how to without cracking the cart all done at home. You did that no problem!! everyone says oh it a break

  3. I managed to open mine (with wire cutters, like in the film, hold a tight grip without slipping) but there was an extra plastic cover inside floating on the oil. Unfortunately my tweezers couldn't pull it out. (I like to add Everclear to my oil to increase the potency, otherwise I barely feel a hit these days. Maybe I should take a break but I don't wanna)

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