1. We have been using microwaves to transmit information on our phones for years, the same microwaves that we use to heat up our food, but with less power. Light that we receive from everywhere has a higher frequency than 5G signals. Our bodies even radiate heat, which is also EM radiation and has a higher frequency than 5G signals. Radiation is everywhere and it has been like that forever.
    No, 5G isn't any plan to control or harm people, it's just another technology like 4G, Wi-Fi and radio.
    There will be a lot more of radiation around with 5G, that is very true, but it's radiation that by itself is harmless.
    It is true that there are things that science doesn't know yet, but scientists and engineers who dedicate their lives study this subjects don't seem very worried, the ones who seem more worried are the ones that don't know much about the subject. At least that's what it looks like to me.
    There is no guarantee that 5G will be 100% safe, but, in my opinion, people are worrying about it way more than they should. There are waaay bigger problems out there to think and discuss about.

  2. The 5g signal is not as harmful as we think! Comparing to the older signals that we’ve been using for 20+ years. The old signal drills a hole straight through whatever is in the way of your phone, the new one kinda goes around(not straight through your brain). I’m not a scientist but I read a lot and I have smart friends lol. So it’ll be less powerful signals but more of them, as in a relay box on nearly every street. Early days guys but I’m pretty sure it’s just the privacy issue with 5g that’s the problem. 3D mapping etc.. James Bond shit😂
    Anyways would be great to see you fight again dan, with that outlaw evil smile 😏 lol love an respect always😊👊👊👊

  3. The way 60 gigahertz impact oxygen is this : oxygen the atom is O , oxygen the molecule is O2  two atoms together, now these two atoms creating the oxygen molecule are sharing some electron, 60 gigahertz(5G) causes the electrons surrounding oxygen molecule to spin.. The changes of the speed frequencies of oxygen electron have impact on human biology.. When you breath in the reason that breathing into you’re lungs  gets oxygen into your blood and therefore important places like you’re brain is because the oxygen entering into your lungs get picked up by a very important iron containing protein called hemoglobin in you’re blood but the unfortunate impact of oxygen molecules spinning the electrons is that it make the hemoglobin unable to uptake the oxygen and get it to the rest of your body.

  4. I'm glad you're talking about this and giving it legitimacy. It's definitely worth finding out more about it and being aware of the dangers. I really wish the mainstream media would address this, investigate it and inform us because some of these videos truly discredit themselves when they include their conspiracy bullshit. Anywho..good shit Dan..thanks!

  5. Coronavirus lockdown is nothing but a cover for the rollout of 5G, check it out. People would have been out in force protesting and obstructing the rollout normally, but conveniently we are all off the streets under threat of arrest just as the rollout goes to full speed. And who are the main purveyors of 5G tech?


  6. "Dan hardy talks about 5G"?
    what's next
    Chael Sonnen talks about the latest findings in the Large Hadron Collider

    Brendan Shaub talks about the role of the working class in French revolution
    Joe Rogan talks about the effect of psychedelics on human brain

  7. Trust me, everything is planned. There are countless benefits for the "controllers" with 5g, food and drugs, media, education, CULTure, etc. Follow the money and power. You'll soon see, but by that time it will be way too late… fuck! It's already too late.

  8. If you need hazmat suits to install service towers in a heavily populated area "for convenience", you might want to rethink your technology…..

  9. Yea ,its a paranoia,but guess what – you know what the americans say,my friend,and i think fighters/fight people and sports people in general ,we know this to be true even more – When there is smoke,there is usually a fire going on …..

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