Coronavirus: Teaching Kids and Working From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Working from home is a new challenge for many, especially for parents whose kids are now learning from home. Dr. Megan Tudor, a clinical psychologist at the …


  1. It was great watching this video. As a School Counselor I am taking back many key pointers, resources and it has triggered some great ideas in my mind. And the calm and joyful vibe of both of these wonderful ladies was inspiring!

  2. Yeah right what about the single parent with a 12-year-old? we were tossed out to this and stumbled really hard in the whole time we were accused of skipping school. not everybody has computers and not all of us are exactly great with computers yet now we're skipping because we suck at computers🤔 too much media time but school has to be media🤔 I'm sorry I just think this is all a joke!!! I have to work or my son and I don't have a home and now I get to worry about his future. I was worried about the future before because we already struggle and now it was just amplified. nobody cared about the essential worker when the Covid started and some of us they still don't really seem to care if we are bringing it home to our children. now I have to wear a mask? nothing has changed I'm still going to work so tell me where keeping my kid home is any safer? for when this whole Covid thing has been blown way out of proportion. let's do this for the children that are suffering in this world. let's get the therapist for them. this Covid don't even sound any worse than the flu so what's all the hype about? this homeschooling pretty much my kids better off being done with school and learning real life. I say I don't even need the school to teach my kid anything and I'd rather just be on my own at this point. teach these kids gardening and finances if that's even going to be left anymore. i'd rather put my tools in my kids hand and teach him to build a house or something important.

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