Coronavirus outbreak: Will Canada's new aid plan for large businesses benefit the oil industry?

The federal government says it will provide loans and financing to the country’s largest employers to help them weather the COVID-19 economic crisis. Global …


  1. Prime minister you the best you have done excellent job for poor people right now people need help one the problems are little better just take from they income tax GST but please don’t help any other country help our country our Canadians first thank you

  2. And off he goes hiding in the people's house, what a joke, this is a leader? These daily giveaways are becoming to much, I have heard that it is over 200 Billion, then they hide the true cost of the Carbon tax

  3. What is wrong with this prime minister, he continues to support China and is always on his knees. Get Canadian companies back from china. Medical equipment produced in china is below specs. We like the USA cannot afford to be subservient to china because they will extort or blackmail their way into more power. China must be stopped get your head from you butt, breathe and take the proper steps to protect Canada and Canadians

  4. People need to watch Must Watch: Debunking the Narrative (With Prof Dolores Cahill). We need to inject some science and logic back into this conversation

  5. Never trust a politician that emerges through a black door. Playing along with the World Health Organization to shut down this country because of a cold is treasonous.

  6. It’s time for Alberta politicians to stop talking about Oil because no one is listening in Eastern Canada……….if they can kick us when we are down and out………why can’t we? Ever heard an Alberta Politician talk about “ Bombardier is dead”, how about SNC Lavalin is dead, how about Auto Manufacturing is dead, how about mining is dead? Our politicians grovel and cry……..their politicians yell insults at us and our industries……..with no repercussions.

  7. "We must take these drastic steps to protect the older and the vulnerble"

    Now the older and vulnerable:

    -have to wait an hour in line to get groceries
    -have to wait an hour in line to get meds
    -cannot goto clinic
    -cannot get a checkup
    -cannot see a dentist

    Absolutely amazing job Canadian government.

  8. What the heck are you doing you maniac. You're killing Canada, you're killing all of us. Wake up, wake up, wake up! Hello, wake up Mr. Prime Minister, stop this insanity. Follow Sweden and let's get on with life.

  9. Here is a novel idea and open up the country for business, this is a Plandemic to destroy the wealth of countries and make us and our future generations slaves to the banksters. They create currency out of line air and we pay with our tax dollars interest on something created out of thin air, wake up people!

  10. Why is this incompetent fool still working from home while all the other leaders in the world are at their posts where we expect them to be. Our little potato (when will our unworldly liberals realise that that term is a Chinese insult?) clearly can't handle debate & confrontation. Democracy on his watch has eroded to zero and we are poorer for his so called 'leadership'. The thinking person should be very disturbed at what Canada has become under JT and the current liberal cabal. We are ripe to be bought and China & others are waiting in the wings.

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