1. SARS is much more deadly than COVID, sars had a death rate of 10%, if it was as contagious as COVID is, instead of the COVID 19 death toll in America being 500K, it would be more like 3 million. MERS is unbelievably deadly, it has a death rate of 35%! Thank god, MERS and SARS aren’t as contagious as COVID-19 becuase COVID-19 is already incredibly deadly.

  2. I'm honestly so fed up hearing my dad compare covid to flu that I really want to show him this… But I know he won't accept it anyway and probably won't understand all because of his english.
    Someone give me powers to live in this household…

  3. Ok listen to this. The rest of the planet had a fatality rate of .003% COVID, flu stays on average every year around .003% Fatal. The USA makes up about 1/100 of the global population. Having fatality rates higher than even .004% would entail that humans are somehow evolutionary different in the USA than the rest of the planet or the numbers are fibbed in the USA. Basically COVID and the FLU are equal in the fatality department. YES I will take the word of 97 other countries over 1.

  4. What I want to know is, is COVID just the Superflu, a more advanced version of it? What are the differences in appearance under a microscope. An apple is different from an orange, but they are both fruit. All I seem to see in these videos is that COVID is different from the Flu simply because COVID has more symptoms than the Flu and COVID is deadier.

  5. at 2:38 it says "can be as long as 12-14 days before you feel sick"…note that this video was made almost one year ago. We now know that you can have Covid and be without symptoms (i.e. not sick) but can still pass the virus on to others …which complicates the chain of transmission even more.
    Also, the diagram doesn't emphasize that EACH of these 2047 infected people can start ANOTHER 10 rounds of 2047 infected people and so on. This may be less relevant now (feb.2021) because of social distancing buuut still relevant for those not practising such measures.

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