1. The biggest event in the country is people torturing innocent animals, destroying the ecosystem, and putting themselves at risk of catching a killer virus and venomous snake bite And all for money. I don’t even want to live on this planet anymore. Humans are monsters.

  2. In a year Sweetwater has had 1,013 cases and 13 deaths….in A YEAR !! Thats nothing !!! More died the previous year of Influenza !! ROTFL……Ever feel like you've been duped ?

  3. yeah keep living in dammm fear all your life…. every one with their negative comments are the same ones eating the BS from Lame stream Media… I bet those are the ones voting for Killary….. lol

  4. Let me quote the great spongebob and Patrick
    “Hey Patrick, what am I?”
    “Uh, stupid?”
    “No, I’m Texas”
    “What’s the difference”
    Looking back at it, he’s not wrong.

  5. I'm usually at this event and the video needs to be taken with some context. The event happens in the second weekend in Mar starring on Thursday which was Mar 12. This is the week that COVID-19 cancellations were just starting to happen. The county commissioners met on Mar 11 to decide whether or not to cancel the event and decided it would proceed with caution. Vendors had already traveled from all over and were setting up by this point. All were offered refunds if they chose to leave. It was later that day that the WHO declared it a pandemic, and the same day that the NBA canceled its season. There were very few cases in Texas at that time, primarily in Houston and Dallas, and no state had issued Shelter in Place orders yet. The event proceeded with guidelines give by the CDC and Texas Governor at the time. Also attendance was already expected to be low due to poor weather. It was cold and rainy on both Friday and Sunday which always hurts attendance. The 8.4mil is not what the event itself raises, but the amount of money total that comes into the Sweetwater economy for the weekend, including hotels, gas, food, and all services. With the situation just starting to unfold it was really too late to walk it back anyway. The hospital info is a bit misleading as well since Sweetwater is only 40 minutes from Abilene on I-20 and about the same time to Lubbock by helicopter. Rolling Plains sends all critical patients to those hospitals anyway and is what we rural Texans call a "band-aid station". In the end it worked because Nolan county just had its first case about a week ago, a truck driver passing through from out of state. I believe a second case was reported last week to and was also from outside of the county. It was a calculated risk that appears to have paid off. If it had been a week later it most likely would have been canceled.

  6. To bring 8.4 million dollars to one place this must be one of the silliest shows on earth. With so many ignorant people today you can sell them almost anything crazy even during a pandemic so it seems.

  7. Scientists are telling everyone to social distance, and that the Coronavirus was transmitted through pangolins and snakes.

    So here these people are gathering in dense crowds to collect and eat swarms of snakes.

  8. This is so embarrassing they making us look stupid. I'm from Texas, these people are just a bunch of dumbasses. Don't look for sympathy when you and your family get sick and die. You made your choice.

  9. I have thought I’ve seen everything in my life.. ( being 61.. I’ve seen a lot).. and this … just totally blows the human mind.let me keep this in a black and white form of truth..( not an opinion)….what a huge large very big..( everything in Texas is big)…. bunch of fools to the tenth power… ( times 1000.!!)… as a good person I say that… so I must also say… I really hope… they have not brought anything to infect someone else when they left the fair…. and for that… you should have your legs cut off you fools….( the hell with you if you contracted this virus)… it’s your fellow man… that you may have shit on..( really)… spin it anyway you yahoo’s do… but white is white… and black?… is….

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