CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Top 10 Vitamin C Foods You Must Eat

CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Top 10 Vitamin C Foods You Must Eat To Boost Your Immune System & no it is not just oranges. Learn how to boost immune system …


  1. You always say do the opposite of what “ they “ say…I guess it doesn’t relate to the “coof” but I understand why you do it

  2. Do viruses even exist in the level they talk about it 🤔 This"new" one nobody ever isolated anywhere…it's just a common cold and variants.

  3. A little off topic, but actually the timing function in a mechanical clock is fully determined a pendulum or mechanical oscillator. You could tell time without all the gears just by counting the swings of the pendulum or oscillations. It would be tedious though!

  4. One of keto FB group members said she had covid and about 95% of "concerned citizens" advised her to stop keto and eat all the carbs and sugary fruit she can.. As they all agree that keto is bad for your health.. SMH!

  5. love your lectures you are dishing them out in simplest clarity more power to you I am diabetic but I don’t take medications I manage it with water diet low carb no sugar diet

    My questions are
    I am 73 years old what should be my sugar levels after 8 hours fast and after 2 hours post eating my current ones are 160 & 180 respectively is that a dangerous level

    Further are you recommending me to be vaccinated considering my age and my diabetic conditions is there any particular vaccine that you would prefer ..

    Thank you very much doc

  6. as a Lebanese when i saw 5th option parsley and Dr Sten started.. you can't eat much of i immediately thought in my mind oh he needs to get to know taboule, then he said taboule and i was shocked he is familiar with it, funny moment.

  7. I love you and your messages! Priceless information 😊 But I disagree that after a week you get worse and have to go to the hospital. I had it for four days and felt not too bad. Fifth day it hit me hard for the next 5 days, then it subsided a bit everyday. So as not to scare people too much, It's not always a journey to the hospital.
    Also, does this vitamin C food list include cooked?

  8. Can you make a video on whether someone can survive by only getting vitamin C through pills, or whether the cherry powder forms of vitamin C actually contain it. Btw I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, I'm just curious whether taking pills and powders actually work. I know some vitamins like Garden of Life are from whole fruits and foods, not sure if that makes a difference instead of just the ascorbic acid.

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