Cookies – Cultivator Multi-Strain Review

Cookies – Cultivator Multi-Strain Review Strain Review Strains include: 1) Gary Payton OG 2) J1-P3 3) Peach Punch 4) Berry Pie 5) …


  1. I want to try all those cookie strains but nope no good weed in OHIO no Gary Payton🥺 u should do a giveaway sweepstake event I’ll sign up 💯 💯 💯 keep up the good content I subscribed

  2. Ugh we just got some of this strain in where I'm from Maryland but gary payton is only testing at 19% smh so I'm scared to pay the insane 65$ for the 8th cuz i have never smoked anything from dispensary testing that low…. ugh anyone else smoke it testing that low? Was it still bomb?? I have high tolerance tbh lol

  3. Much appreciated to hear your reviews! The Great Dr. you are the man and thanks for your honest reviews! I too love Gary Payton. My first couple of batches were really good🔥, however, as of late u can really tell the difference in the batches. I think sky pack farms are growing some of the Gary now at 30% and I just didn’t like their batches. It’s just too bad that there isn’t really any consistency with the batches these days! The Gary I purchased from Maywood last year were dynamite 🧨, and the dark purple nuggets were the best. Now I definitely have to check the packaging date and thc% because I went to DR. Green thumbs a few months ago and got the Cereal Milk and it crumbled like dust and I wasn’t too impressed with it! I need more Gary but I’m scared to take the chance and buy a batch and it not being strong like before. Anyway, keep up the good work and oh I just subscribed to your channel… thanks again and party on!

  4. I've tried several of these. Sweet Tea, Georgia Pie, Berry Pie. I'd buy both Berry Pie and Georgia Pie again. I wondered if you had tried 'Pancakes' and 'Strawberry Shortbread'?

  5. Amazing review Doc!!! 💯👍🏾
    I'm smoking ocean beach right now while watching this (mixed with insane Kushmints)🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣, I've tried cheetah piss, sweet tea, wedding cake, I had purple bubba ( I gifted to a friend didnt try🤦🏾‍♂️), papaya, honey buns, georgia Pie(loved it), Cereal milk(loved it), sticky buns, London pound cake( loved it), Berry pie( was amazing), Gary Peyton ( That was one of the Most amazing smokes, HOLY MOLY!! My favorite)

  6. So true about the gelatti the first time i had it i wasnt impressed but i grabbed it again jus to see and 8th lasted 2 days but gary payton, cake mix, and gs is my go to with the high and taste. I see u really know ur flowers i love the reviews keep em comin💪. Tonight i grabbed strawberry mochi it taste good and nice cerebral high

  7. The Gary Payton Maywood Cookies had in May last year was probably one of the best strains I've ever had. Strong creamy sweet gas smell with crazy mind stimulating high. But the batches are just not that good anymore.

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