Contact7 Town Hall with Colorado Gov. Jared Polis

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis sat down for a one-on-one discussion on the state’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak Tuesday with Denver7’s Anne Trujillo.


  1. Understand this stay-at-home orders are both unlawful and unconstitutional; Jared Polis is VIOLATING the US Constitution, specifically the 5th Amendment by denying people access and use of their property and denying them their livelihoods, without due process or just compensation. Also, by this act, he is also in violation of US Code 18 §242, the denial of the legal exercises of a citizen's rights under the color of authority. Given that he is an elected official, the abuse of this type could be considered treasonous. Just a point of order, quarantines are for the SICK NOT THE HEALTH, if anyone needs to self isolate it should be those at the greatest risk, NOT EVERYONE ELSE. Civil War is coming, and your acts will hasten its approach.

  2. Denver! Look up RBF, High impact vlogs, Truthstream media, Newswars, Infowars, and other alternative sources. These mainstream talking heads and politics are straight up lying to us. Something resembling? Fuck these people

  3. Laura Lafauve, what was a national socialist called? How's it different from a democratic socialist? Was it I think, Nazi? So do we call him a Demzi? Make sense? We the people need to cut the dependancy. We are capable of learning basic nutrition for our health which is the best weapon against big pharma dominance. I refuse to be lied to anymore. We don't need a establishment system to take care of us. We need to wake up grow up and take care of ourselves like adults. Wake up America!

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