Conservative, not Republican.

In this video I discuss my political beliefs, as well as explain why I do not call myself a republican. Check out my Twitter! Links …


  1. Hope you guys enjoy this video! I've been getting a lot of dislikes because the liberal democrat communist atheist pedophile round-earthers have finally found my videos. They're vicious and relentless, they don't stop. This is why I will never stop uploading videos, because that is exactly what these scumbags want.

  2. So to recap: You think climate change and vaccines are a hoax. The Earth is flat. Weed makes you dumb.
    Assault rifles are fine. You hate abortion (talk about appeal to emotion).
    Trump's wall is a good idea and "Mexico will pay for it".
    And to top it off, you have a hostile view towards those who don't share your beliefs.
    The only road back to reality for you is to just forgive those who mistreated you in the past.

  3. …for the love of… This stuff keeps on coming. So much of this is misguided or flat out misrepresented. I get the feeling you must be young. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I used to think like you do on some of this but discovered how misinformed I was. More things to add to the list I guess.

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