1. Don't get me wrong, I love the Colin Stetson soundtrack. I think it's perfect. But after hearing that Varg Vikernes was going to do the music, I notice all the woodsy moments where traditional atmospheric Burzum would work. The new Burzum album "Thulean Mysteries" (which was written during the time he was supposedly working on Color Out of Space) has a lot of bizarre cosmic moments. When I listen to it at times I imagine Nicholas Cage losing his freaking mind. I have to thank Richard Stanley for sewing those two together for my pleasure

  2. One of my all time favorite Lovecraft stories, I cant wait to see this adaptation!

    EDIT: Finally was able to watch it after work. Pretty damn good adaptation. Not quite what I expected and I'm not too sure how I feel about some of the creativeiberties taken in this film, but even those creative liberties I think are definitely in the spirit of Lovecraft and definitely enjoyed this! Damn worth the watch!

  3. It’s not sci fi it’s a horror film and it wasn’t very much fun. Combine the mouth of madness, the thing and event horizon. Throw in a bunch of witchcraft and you have this monstrosity of a movie.

  4. I already purchased this movie, as well as about $100 of other movies and TV shows, and ever since Youtube's latest update, I can't access any of them. Is there something I'm missing here?

  5. "There are only a few of us that remember the strange days now. What touched this place cannot be quantified or understood by human science. It was just…a colour…out of space. A messenger from realms whose existence stuns the brain and numbs us with the gulfs it throws open before our frenzied eyes…"

    He knows more than this. It was a simple messenger, but the taint it brought with it would spread beyond the water of that place, throughout everything, through matter and energy. Transforming it into something beyond both, into something more akin to itself. And we, we pitiful and ignorant human beings with our shallow minds that cannot hope to comprehend its vastness, its…otherness…we are helpless before it.

    It will come. It will touch us all. And we can do naught but wait out our numbered days and hours before it claims us in our turn…

  6. I love the score for this film, really conveys the mood, the sense of things unknowable, and the family's impending doom. The hydrologist learns that there are things out in the universe, other worlds that can affect our own in ways nobody can comprehend, and the music conveys the feeling of utter helplessness imparted by this knowledge, the very definition of cosmic horror.

    What happened to Jack and Teresa was beyond words, it was so unsettling and horrifying. The agony and terror they had to have been going through, the unceasing torture of what happened to them, is beyond description. I felt their torment. There's literally nothing that can be said to describe it. Death would have been mercy for them.

  7. I found out about this movie through the Uzumaki trailer when that released, since that led me to discover Colin Stetson, who did the music for both! VERY happy to have followed this trail of breadcrumbs, this is probably my new favorite horror film of ALL TIME

  8. Loved it even more then I expected, Nick Cage is always a great watch, But the editors and whoever did the music is what knocked it right out of the park for me

  9. The main thing that made me want to see this movie, was that it was from the same person/people who were involved with the film called “Mandy” which also starred Nicholas Cage. Nicholas Cage is a great fucking actor, and he really shows it in this movie too; he also shows it in “Mandy” as well, and a lot of people hate “The Wicker Man”, I enjoyed his performance a lot in the movie, it’s also probably why I liked the movie, but that movie is garbage. The way he can go from loving husband/father, to rage, shock, and despair, in each scene is outstanding, and regarding some comments down below about his continued work with this indie studio, or whatever it is, and he brings this type of performance to it as well, I’m completely all for it. The supporting cast is good as well, but Cage definitely steals the spotlight. I may have read a comment somewhere, could have been this comment section, with it saying that he is an underrated actor; and he is, but also that William Dafoe is one as well, which is also true, because he has a strong ass presence in “The Lighthouse”, but there is fierce competition from Robert Pattinson as well.

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