Coleus- Want to have beautiful and bushy plant ?? Two critical points to remember

All Coleus plants I have with me for years now and all grown from cutting except one.Two critical points to remember to make it beautiful and bushy …


  1. Ma'am, I bought few coleus plants. After repoting I kept them in shaded area for few days. Gradually I shifted them to filtered sunlit area. But now I observe the leaves are dropping. I checked the soil also, it's moist. Please guide what more I can do save them. 🙏

  2. मिट्टी कैसी लेनी चाहिए वह नहीं बताया

  3. Mam aajkl aap roz kisi na kisi k chanals ki sifarish kar rhi h lekin ek din mane apne swal me monika g ka nam le liya aapne sab k jwab dye us din bas mera hi jwab nhi dya mujhe itny insult feel hui mane apna swal delite kr dya Kia aap bta skty h asa kio hua

  4. Madm meri ek khrab aadt h m janti hu m jb aapka vedeo dekhti hu to shuru me hi jo poochna hota h poochne lg jati hu jaese aaj ka mera ye point h k colious me bhi polination kam krti h kia

  5. Such beautiful vivid bright colours.. lovely 💗💗 i made a mistake this winters i put these on my terrace for good sun light but all the colours are faded now .. i have kept this in bright light but not in direct sunlight.. should i keep this in morning sun like for an hour or so also the heat is increasing day by day .. plz suggest

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