Cloning & Mother Plants – How to Clone Cannabis Guide

Today on Lex’s World I teach you guys the basics (and a couple advanced tips) for cloning your best genetics! All mentioned Grow Gear (T5s, rooting hormones, …


  1. Thanks Lex! Super helpful. I've cloned a few. But I'm a punk, so I'm grateful for your insight. Smoked my first joint in 1972 — (Minnesota Green) 😂😎

  2. After i flower and see the flower and aromas, and if i feel like i wanna keep the genetic, ill cut off all my buds to smoke and leave at least 1 and fan leaves and go straight under a 24hr light cycle. In 2 weeks youll have new veg growth and ready to take that clone and save the genetic and or pheno hunt. Add my IG. Prominent Exzotics.

  3. Thanks man, Ive been going through guides for months. They all fail to tell you were to make the cut. And some even lead you to beleive the best place is just below the internode. So Ive been making the cuts half a centrimeter below the nodes and none have been surving. Followed your guide and almost 100 %. Excellent guide.

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