Charlotte Figi, who popularized CBD treatmentt, dead at 13, from coronavirus, April 7, 2020

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  2. And I mean the godless people who are trying to take over. I hope everybody has resources. God bless that little girl, dead or alive. Regardless, her soul is innocent.

  3. Zach all this Bunker talk and CEO stepping down stuff before… if there was something that could make the Georgia Guidestones first command come to pass, is a celestial even the only possible way to wipe out 13/14 people you think?? Scary to think about

  4. last week bill gates on trevor noah you can FF to 3:00 and listen to bill gates Bold Face lie and say "this isnt like war where things regaurding have all been simlulated this isnt the case with this we werent ready"
    You all can prob decode some of this,

    Just for kicks and Giggles I was thinking about in County coronavirus of the World Elite and I thought about King of the Hill Gates,bill sound siimilar and beahower siu d like epvis but this show ran 13 years its prmier the day patient 0 was ist changed to jan 12 (121) it last aired may 6 king of the hill has over lapse with wuhan coronavirus n masonry its scored on ibm 8.5 and 7.2 but i feel like im missing something,
    they said on the 12 facts you might not know about the show it's like one of the first five things that pop up
    when going about the character of Hank Hill they studied the book {death of the Common Sense} where they proceeded to tell you it is a book about ruling people with fear now is it just me or how the hell does that interwine with Hank Hill's character and also has anybody read this book or heard of it, o n mike judge has intrsting numbers

  5. Dr Claus Kohnlein – basically said if a doctor treats a patient as " corona virus " patient and they die , you won't be hit w. malpractice . Obvious incentive and David Icke brought up a great point , there are lot of people dying cancer , heart disease , diabetes but if they test positive for corona , the media assumes it was the corona and that's how they ratchet up the numbers .
    So listen , that's why msm says " died after testing positive " instead of died FROM corona , a big difference .

  6. I heard this story and hoped it was fake. I seen this as a future attack on people who use cannabis. I'm already hearing that if you smoke weed it'll be harder for the doctors to diagnose the covid.

  7. The two major cities in the US that have the nickname "Queen City" also have jungle cats as their NFL team's mascot. BENGALS and Panthers…. Corona… Tiger…hmm

    Cincinnati was established 3/1/1819, 201 years and ten days before the pandemic day.

    Europeans were able to settle Charlotte so easily because the Native Catwba tribe was entirely wiped out by smallpox.

  8. Tom Hanks hosted Saturday Night Live. Of course it wasn’t funny. And his opening monologue, he makes a joke about taking his temperature in Celsius. His temperature was 38… You remember 38 don’t you? The number for murder.He also mentions 36… I am not sure if it relates. Anyone know if 36 symbolizes anything?

  9. I guareentee one thing. You'll get my apology but in the end you're going ro understand it all better. Im tired of defending myself and getting it painted another way. Just looked at apartments on Craigslist in Yakima. Plenty there. See you soon. We're gonna see who is serious and get the true story out.

  10. People are starting to wake up. Can’t wait until this truth goes so main stream it can’t be ignored. We should all be helping any way possible to make this a reality! The world will be a much better place.

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