Hi! This is Christelle Martinette, I’m a psychic, Soul counsellor, channeler and reader. I channel BOB MARLEY with you [LIVE]. Considered one of the pioneers of …


  1. Hi Christelle, can you do a reading with Joan Crawford? I’ve always found her relationships with 2 of her 4 kids so tragic . I’m curious as to what she has to say about that.

  2. I haven’t watched this yet but I have just watched a recent bob Marley channeling done by Amanda Ellis on YouTube so I will be interested to see the differences/similarities to what has been channeled. Thank you

  3. Thank you, Christelle, these channelings are fascinating! One question, though: have you ever made a video (I confess, I'm only an occasional viewer) in which you comment on which spirits contact you? It's such an eclectic "population," I'm really curious! Grazie! (Also, any chance for a "second opinion" on the bug? This one is a real downer… )

  4. Thank you sooo much for doing this I’m sorry I asked many questions.. I was overly excited about this one.. I appreciate everything you do and share with us. Thank you again

  5. The Spirit of Bob Marley has been coming up a lot for me and though I’m American I keep attracting Jamaican friends lately. I know he was an Aquarius and were going into the Aquarian Age and I told my Spiritual sisters who is Jamaican that his Spirit has returned and that that Spirit is getting ready to fill the Earth bc it was about peace and love and Integration bc he created from Integration.
    I can see his Spirit Rebirthed through some new upcoming celebs from Jamaica and here’s the interesting thing; they are women.
    One is 20 and and won a Grammy already. Her name is Koffee.

  6. Many thx lovely Christelle ! … Very much appreciate ur work ! … 🙏🌍🕊💕💕
    pls . Everyone pls meditate for our Planet . 🙏 there is a guided meditation on “. Jesus & Ananda “ on 4/4 asking us to meditate twice on daily basis to help ease the pressure upon our planet Gaia ! . Much ❤️🌍🧘🏻‍♀️🕊💕💕

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