CBD as an Antibiotic? Cannabis University, cannabis/driving and more

So much to discuss. Let’s do it shall we? NEW MERCH – I love to talk cannabis! You can follow me at these places …


  1. Hey pigeons, got a question. The wife and i are going to be building a house in about three yrs.. Ish. And im wanting a small grow room to grow inside. What would be the best way and price concsious plan to have a small grow room? And what would the ideal set up for growing about 5plants?

  2. I've been smoking everyday all day with the exception of a few breaks due to the state punishing me for it… but i haven't had the need to go to a doctor in over 17 years with the exception of a few broken bones other wise i have only been sick – sick 2 or 3 times in the last 17 18 years all because cannabis keeps me healthy.

  3. Sorry I missed the show buddy I had work to get done and you knoe how it goes, work hard play hard. Much love the show was awesome, sad I missed it 🙏🏻

  4. Northern California is delivery only. Call and register have a photo I’d and they deliver. I live in a state where it’s not legal and I can’t comment any further on that. You are saving my life upping my Patreon today.

  5. Love the shows as always Pigeons! The light issue sounds like it may be a dodgy connection somewhere. Either from the bulb to the socket or similar. Shouldn't be getting fried things without a short circuit or arc jump somewhere

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