Cannabis Sativa Collection | Elf Cosmetics

Hey Gorgeous ‍♀️ Thanks for clicking my video. In Today’s video, we are trying out Elf cosmetics’ newest collection called the Cannabis Sativa Collection.


  1. Yesssss thank you for this! I just picked up the collection and was looking for a review. Yours is the first video I could actually watch all the way through! Very informative & helpful.

  2. When it comes to E.L.F’s skincare products that they had released before this collection, it really interested me enough to buy it. But, I was super excited to try this new collection, due to it having cannoli is sativa in it and a lot of other great ingredients, so I jumped and ordered everything from this new collection except for the face oil right away.

    I also bought the new skincare cream that they released after this new collection as well, as I’m so glad to see E.L.F. really upping their skincare game big time!

    I absolutely loveeee ❤️ the face cream that comes in this new collection, as well as, the face primer and lip balm too. Matter of fact I already have a backup of the face cream and primer, because they just agree with my skin so well. I definitely hope and pray that E.L.F. never discontinues this collection, as it truly is the best that they’ve ever released thus far for sure!

    Thanks for sharing this incredibly wonderful video with us. As, it truly was a major pleasure to watch from beginning to end!🤗

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