Cannabis News – Illinois One Step Closer | Ep. 408 | 05-29-2019

Joe Klare discusses a tour of a CBD shop in Kentucky, a big marijuana vote in Illinois and the rise of the terpenes. 5-29-19 – Ep. 408 | The Marijuana Times …


  1. One of my friends was allowed to grow 10 acres of hemp, but the men in green came and wanted his 4000 lbs. Of special hemp seed. But he had the sherrif there, and gave those men about an once of seeds. They took his licence to grow.

    They tried to force him to give them ALL the seed. Whats up? We B smokin in Kentucky 👍

  2. Great reporting Joe, I am interested in the science of cannabis terpenes, I would like to see if terpene levels can be raised in cannabis products to give an unusually strong but nice taste and smell, kind of like the way Starburst candies have extra strong flavor ingredients, adding more real cannabis terpenes should produce a pleasant effect of increased flavor and aroma punch.

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