1. I had 1 and a half of a sour patch gummy last night. Not this brand but it was sour patch. Never had edibles and haven't smoked weed in 10+ years. Yea, never again!! I had a bad trip! I thought I was going to die. I kept having scary thoughts and couldn't breath. I felt like I replaying everything over and over and was freaking out. I didn't want to sleep because I thought I was dying. I was like that for 3 hours. It's like 9 hours later and I feel so much better but kinda jittery still. Here I thought I was going to relax and totally the opposite!

  2. i barely smoke, super low tolerance and super light weight. i ate two whole bags 350 mg each and i didn’t feel anything it’s been almost 2 hours

  3. I got these from the dank web as my first edibles ever and they were strong af took a 100 mg one. Exact same packing (sealed too of course) but it seems they changed them a bit. No sugar on them, but still green, but they were actual shapes. (Different ones like a cactus and a pineapple, etc.) If you tried these again recently were they looking like that for you, too?

  4. I can tell that you tore them up…you'd re high… I don't want to be high. You supposed to make tea from the Earth what eat the herb mix tuna salad but you're never supposed to smoke it how long's were not made to inhale smoke darling

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