1. Got some buds and it was pretty grainy making scratching sounds when grinding, even pinched of a leaf from the bud, grinded it with my front teeth and was also pretty grainy.
    Like there are other alternatives dealers lace their weed, they mix sugar with water and let it evaporate under hanging plants so the buds can absorb the 'weight'

  2. You wanna fucken bet, I got buds yesterday, stayed up all night gurning, got fucking terrible withdrawals today smoked abit tonight and I'm fucken gurning again, Ive done ice before and yes this shit is ice, the buds just look frosty and the reason this happens is because the withdraw is sooo bad you go get more, I'm flushing it tomorrow wish me luck I haven't touched ice in 2 years😔

  3. I once had a out of body expieriance which lasted about 1 minute from weed even though i was sharing the joint with 2 of my friends.
    it was only 1 gram i definitely smoked the most but i was completely out of it to an extent where i could barely walk or talk.
    Afterwards i asked my friends how they felt and neither of them really had anything out of the ordinary happen.

  4. I used to smoke cannabis with datura which is the most dangerous deliriant drug in the world alot. I did this mainly cause i grow it and it would be really expensive smoking pure. Tobacco gets me too addicted too and i must say its something that i will never do again i am extremely lucky to be able to funtion normally i dont know how i made it out. The thing was datura is you cant get back to normal you just have to try and adjust into this permanen trip that slowly wears off with time and you need to try your hardest to not lose your mind

  5. Recently got some "stardawg" which was laced with plastic fibers/fiberglass. The fibres were all the way through the nugs meaning the grower was chucking it on the plants throughout the whole grow.

    My dealer was stuck with a kilo of it.

  6. Imagine freaking out and thinking your weed is laced cos you feel so high, then you click on this video and see Drew teleport through a portal and greet you as if nothing happened lmao

  7. Mamba is pretty cheap ive seen someone have there draws "padded" or "filled" with a mix of shake (trim) mamba and a few loose nugs and they do come back because they like the buzz

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