Can Maca recharge your sex life and your training?

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  1. Your humor is on point in this one, Jerry. I am listening to this video while working out at home. I almost dropped the dumbbell on my foot because I had to laugh really hard.

  2. I tried maca supplements for a while, did absolutely nothing for my libido. If you are having trouble feeling horny, get a sexier partner. Simples. However, if thats not possible, try some Proviron, that will work much better than any natural supplements on libido.

  3. Hey jerry hope you see my comment and reply ,, i remember u said long time ago in a video that antioxidant is bad to be taken near workout time as we need inflammation etc.. .. so isn't "coffee" one of the most powerful antioxidants we drink as preworkout .. 2nd have read in book called "abc nutrition" that coffee contain compound cant remember their names raise cholesterol levels ,3rd does really coffee sometime contain mold and toxins like afflatoxin or ocratoxin u mentioned before in oats video , because some nutrition guru claims selling their products as its free of mold which can cause brain fog instead of brain boosting , …

    Hope u read this .. much love from Egypt ❤️❤️

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